Does Nest Yale lock work with Google Home? – A short guide

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Does Nest Yale lock work with Google Home? Many people ask this question, especially particularly due to increasing reliance on virtual home assistants for basic security requirements. Read on for more on that.

When it comes to smart locks, you definitely want something that is easy to use while allowing you to integrate various third party applications and voice assistants. With the rising popularity of these assistants in the home, it is not surprising to find many locks coming with claims of integration with them.

One of these is the Nest Yale lock, and the main claim that makes more people be interested in using it is its supposed compatibility with Google Home. However, is this really the case? Is it worth a try? Read on to find out whether they really work well together, or you can look for alternative options.

Does Nest Yale lock work with Google Home?

Do they really work well together?

The best thing when using these two together is their similarities in design. Both are perfect when working with each other, aided by the fact that Google actually owns Nest, so they are parts of the same company.

There are numerous advantages in choosing Nest as the basis for your smart home products, as it has many features you will not find easily in other smart locks. However, the downside it has is failing to work directly with Amazon Alexa, unless you use a third-party connector to link the two – and that requires extra setups.

Working with Google Home

The current version of the Nest x Yale smart lock works very well with all the Google Home hubs in voice assistance, so you do not need to worry about them. These include Google Home Hub, Google Home, and Google Home Mini.

In fact, you will not even require a smart speaker to operate your Nest Yale locks once you install Google Assistant on your phone. You will always have complete voice control of the smart lock system itself.

Connecting the Google Assistant with Nest locks

Does Nest Yale lock work with Google Home?

The voice assistant will work well with the locks, as well as alarm systems, cameras, thermostats and video doorbells. When you are giving voice commands, you are going to speak through certain devices, then the assistant links the command to the specific Nest product.

For the most part, you will find the variety of Nest products and the app itself having an in-built capacity to support Google Assistant, although you can still check this list for more clarification on the specific devices. It is also an easy process when you want to set up the connection between the Nest products and your Google Assistant, through the steps outlined in this article.

When you have finished setting up the entire process and want to start issuing commands, you start with the words ‘Hey Google’, then outline what you want the Assistant to do for you or what you want to know.

You need to keep some information in mind when issuing commands for your door lock, which include:

  • You cannot issue unlocking commands. For the purposes of security, you do not want unauthorized people accessing your home when they speak commands. There are options you can use when you want to unlock the door, which are using the Nest app, using the keypad, One Touch Locking (similar to fingerprint scanning), and thumb turns if you are inside.
  • If you want the Google Assistant to lock the door, you must ensure the door itself is closed, since it can only turn the deadbolt.

The use of routines is also great when using the lock in everyday life, as long as you have set them up. For instance, you can automatically lock the doors when you tell the Assistant ‘Hey Google, goodnight.” setting up these routines is not a difficult task, and you can even learn more about it here.

Setting up the Nest x Yale lock Google Assistant

  • Set up your device, according to the instructions from the manufacturer
  • On your tablet or phone, open the Google Home app
  • At its top, select ‘Add’ (the plus sign)
  • Select ‘Set up device’
  • A menu indicated ‘Works with Google’ will come up. On it, select the option ‘Have something already set up?’
  • Select the manufacturer of the device, then follow the instructions
  • Set a nickname for your device by going to the Home tab and selecting Settings
  • Under your device info, select ‘Name’, enter it, and click ‘Save’. You can then assign devices to different rooms.


Using Google assistant with your Nest Yale lock adds plenty of convenience to your home in terms of safety, and keeps your home more secure than using a traditional lock alone.


Will I need anything else for it to work?

As long as you have the Nest Connect or Guard installed in the Nest App, you will not require anything else for it to work.

Can I set locking and unlocking schedules?

Not really, but you can when you have guests around, so that they only unlock it when you permit the app to do so. You can also make the lock system engage itself when you are leaving your house.

Will I need a professional to install it for me?

When installing the lock, then yes. However, the process is easier when configuring Google Assistant, so you may decide to install it on your own.

Can the smart lock be hacked?

If you are not careful, then yes. It is important to keep in mind that smart locks do have vulnerabilities, even though they upgrade your security significantly.