Keyport pivot vs keybar – should I go for basic or electronic?

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The keyport pivot has a tracker that comes in handy when you lose your set of keys or smart phone. Keyport vs keybar review will help you take the right pick.

I was shocked when a burglar attempted to break into my home using a set of keys I had misplaced earlier. If I had not changed my locks after the loss, I would have experienced serious loss. I tend to misplace my keys when I travel, which means that I place myself at great risk every time I step out of the door. While it had helped me out in the past, I didn’t feel that replacing the locks every time they were ruined was a viable long term option. I looked into the keyport pivot vs keybar guide to find a solution.

Differences between the Keyport pivot and keybar – How do they compare?

Comparison Keybar- stonewashed aluminium Keyport pivot
Capacity 12- 28 keys 9 keys
Weight 1.6 ounces 0.64 ounces
Material Aluminium High grade anodised aluminium
Length 5.6 inches
Accessories Titanium pocket clip No loop attached, lithium battery
Check the price Check the price

Keyport pivot vs keybar – a descriptive comparison


The keybar has a rectangular body with rounded edges. It is smooth all round and keeps the keys intact to prevent any scratching or tearing by the key edges.

The keyport pivot is rectangular; it has a pivot on one end and an installation screw on the other. This means you can only install the keys on one end of the keychain. The pivot is facilitates the installation of the keys on the other end.


The keyport has an impressive capacity of 9 standard keys without any extension. Depending on the type of extension or loop, you can hold maybe 15 keys or more. Considering that you only install the keys on one end, this is a try.

If you have endless keys that you keep adding to your chain, the keybar is the perfect fit. It has the capacity to hold u to 12 keys but with extension you can install up to 28 standard sized keys.


Keyport pivot is made mainly of anodised aluminium. The material is strong and makes the keychain less bulky before any key is installed.

The keybar is made of stonewashes steel and good quality aluminium. The aluminium bots are easy to handle when it comes to adjustment and they do not loosen fast when keys are attached. This material definitely makes the keybar strong and durable.


Accessories are not included in the keybar, but there is a loop attachment where you can include your desired accessory and car keys.

Although the keyport has no loop attachment, you can install one on your own with the expandable screw. The pocket knife and flashlight are sold separately but are the perfect fit for this keychain.

Keyport pivot

Keyport pivot vs keybar

So what’s good about this key holder? It comes with all keep it at a perfect tension and prevents any form of breakouts or loosening by the bolt over time. It is also the perfect pocket sized tool that keeps your keys organised at all times. The keyport pivot is made from high quality aluminium material; meaning it will keep your keys organised and compact for quite a long time.

The keyport pivot has a locator that tracks your lost keys. This key holder can be altered to fit your style and needs; it includes a modularity that will accommodate any optional tech modules and tools you would like to incorporate into the holder. You can attach a flashlight and pocket knife sold separately as accessories. It can accommodate up to 9 of your regular sized keys.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Very light weight
  • Screws won’t loosen over time


  • Can be bulky


Keyport pivot vs keybar

The design of the keybar is perfectly made to control your keys and keep the sharp edges from breaking holes into your clothes and bags or scratching your skin. Normally, it can hold 12 standard keys when the standard screws are attached. When the extension screw is combined this key holder can amazingly accommodate 28 standard keys. The organisation is instant and you will not hear jingling key noises when you are moving. It is pocket sized and can organise your keys perfectly making them easier to locate.

Keybar is made from stainless and rust free steel plus high grade aluminium, making it unbreakable and long lasting.  This design is ergonomic to keep it less bulky and easier to move around with even when you install your key collections.

The pros

  • Perfect organiser for your keys
  • You can arrange various types of keys

The cons

  • It is quite expensive
  • Screws may loosen overtime

The verdict

In the end, I made a decision that tracking down a lost key was a better decision than trying to keep myself from losing one. In short, I went with the keyport pivot. It is very convenient for me, I can track it every time I misplace it. I feel safer.


Can the keyport pivot hold some access cards?

there are several different types of access cards so it all depends on what you have, a 4mm diameter card should fit perfectly into the keyport

What can I do to prevent over tightening the key organiser?

Try arranging them in different ways until you get it right. Putting some washers on both sides before and in between installation will fix the problem.

Do you have to drill holes into smaller keys to fit them inside?

No you do not have to drill any holes into your keys. Both the keybar aluminium and titanium have a standard screw that will fit almost any keys.

What is the maximum length of key you can install in the keyport pivot?

It all depends on the number of keys you have to install. It probably holds an average of 2.5 inch keys.

Can you attach your car keys?

Yes, there is a small d ring on the keyport pivot and a loop attachment on the keybar that allows car key installation.