Keysmart VS Bladekey Bolt – when simple is better

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Keysmart Vs Bladekey, which holder will accommodate more keys?  The keysmart has an attached loop where you can assemble key chains and attach more keys.

I work in a highly magnetic environment at my local hospital. No keys are allowed beyond certain areas of my workplace. The hospital has provided a storage area for personal employee effects, including keys and cards. Since many bunches look alike, it is very easy to pick the wrong set. It can be a big inconvenience having to go back to the hospital to get your keys or liaise with a co-worker who might have taken your set by mistake. I looked through Keysmart vs bladekey to find a unique keychain that would help me out.

Differences between Keysmart and Bladekey Bolt – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Bladekey
Capacity 14 keys 6 keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 0.32 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Stainless steel
Length 76mm 56mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories No accessories attached and no loop
Maximum length key 80mm
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart VS bladekey boltA Detailed Comparison


These are two completely different designs created to save the same purpose. The keysmart holder has bolts on both sides for key assembly while the bladekey has a bolt on only one end for assembly. Despite these differences, they both work well to eliminate any jingle and tingle that comes with having a key holder.  They are instant organisers and pocket friendly.


After extension, I found that the keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys, which is perfect when you have different sized keys on your keychain. Typically, the Bladekey can hold up to 6 keys and double that when extended.


The keysmart is made of strong aluminium and high grade stainless steel. It feels strong and break-resistance; it also looks like it will last you a while.  The bladekey bolt is made of purely stainless steel.  This material keeps it strong, durable and damage resistant. You won’t lose it to any rust or breakage and it may serve you for quite a long time.


If you are a good fan of accessories like the flashlight, pen knife, flash disk, bottle opener and more, the bladekey won’t cut it for you. It doesn’t have an extra loop attached for extra keys, which might be difficult when you have a larger car key. The keybar has an extra loop where you can attach any accessory including your huge car key.


They keysmart weighs 10 times the size of the bladekey bold. If you are looking for a key chain that is not so bulky but will work well to organise your set of keys, then the bladekey bolt might just be the perfect fit.  The bladekey is made in a simple design and will compress all your keys on the inside leaving it jingle free and easy to travel with.


Keysmart VS Bladekey Bolt

This high grade aluminium and high quality stainless steel key holder is designed to hold multiple keys together while eliminating any bulkiness simultaneously.  Despite its high grade materials, the keysmart is surprisingly light and won’t add any extra bulkiness to your set of keys.  With this holder, you can forget the disorganisation and tingle of your keys as you move. The keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys which are 88 mm and less. It also has a loop included where you can attach larger keys and car keys. This instant key organiser has rounded edges; it will keep your keys organised and intact and prevent them from poking holes into your clothes and bags.

The pros

  • Easy to install keys
  • You won’t need to tighten the keys after a while

The cons

  • It is pricey

Bladekey Bolt

Keysmart VS Bladekey Bolt

This key holder has a Swiss army design that keeps your keys organised and eliminates jingles and bulk. Unlike the normal holders, the bladekey can only organise your keys on one side.  The bladekey bolt is stylish and innovative, designed to take care of your everyday key problems.

It keeps your keys organised and prevents the sharp edges from poking holes into your pockets and scratching your skin. The strong bold ensures the keys stay tightly intact in the holder while you store them into your bag or pocket.  The solid high grade stainless steel keeps it from rusting or aging for quite a long time.  It is compact, durable and very simple to use. This make can hold p to 6 standard sized keys.

The pros

  • It is durable
  • Compact and very simple to use

The cons

  • It won’t hold more than 6 keys

The verdict

This decision was hard to make since they are both simple yet convenient. The fact that the keysmart has two ends for key attachment will make it complicated. The bladekey bolt is simple, unique and the material makes it strong and durable.


Is BladeKey Bolt easy to use?

The Bladekey bolt comes with Swiss army pocket organizer .It is convenient for you since you can arrange your keys conveniently without them being disorganized it makes it easy for you to locate your keys

Can you attach multiple keys?

Bladekey bolt can fit up to six keys with a regular length. It also features a loop at the front that allows you to attach other items and larger car keys.

Is BladeKey durable?

Blade key is made of very solid piece of metal. It is strong enough to make it compact, simple and long lasting.

Does BladeKey come in different colors?

The BladeKey Bolt comes in two different color. These colors are raw aluminium and black anodized aluminium. You can choose either of them.

How convenient is BladeKey Bolt?

It is convenient enough because it is durable and will protect you from common key problems. It makes your keys stop jingling causing you discomfort such as poke or make holes in your pocket and keeps your keys together preventing them from being disorganized.