Keysmart vs keysmart extended – how to keep my keys safe

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The keysmart extended can accommodate and expand to fit more than 14 of your standard sized keys. Check out the keysmart vs keysmart extended review to find the better option.

One great thing about being a teacher is that I get entrusted with keys to some of the most important rooms in the school. I have keys to different cabinets, classrooms, filing cabinets, common rooms and the science lab. I have been keeping close to 10 keys in a metal key chain for several years; no doubt I have lost them now and then. They have fallen into the hands of some disobedient kids now and then but I want to change that.

Differences between Keysmart and keysmart extended – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart Keysmart extended
Capacity Expands to fit 14 keys 14  keys
Weight 3.2 ounces 3.2 ounces
Material Stainless steel and aluminium Aluminium and stainless steel
Length 76mm 76mm
Accessories Has an extra loop for bigger keys or accessories Loop is included for accessories, has a bottle opener
Maximum length key 80mm 80mm
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart vs keysmart extended – a detailed comparison


The keysmart extended has a rounded curvature at the center; the design is sleek and keeps your key sets safe and organised. It can also keep your keys compact and constrain the sharp edges from any type of damage.

The keysmart has the same central curvature which is created to conceal the edges of your keys and keep them from chewing up or scratching your pockets or bag. The material is strong and weightless at the same time. The body is made of a different material than the bolts but they blend in well.


The keysmart extended can take keys longer than that but with a standard length of 76 mm long.  It accommodates up to accommodate up to 14 standard sized keys.

The keysmart can hold up to 14 standard sized keys when expanded.  On this holder, the keys are installed on both sides. As long as the total number of keys even out, this keychain will be functional.


The keysmart extended is created for strength and durability. It is made of aluminium and stainless steel.  The high grade stainless steel is incorporated in the bolts and screws and guarantees strength and durability. The same goes for the keysmart keychain, the aluminium and steel makes it strong and durable.


You can add any accessory of your choice in the loop attached to one end on both key holders.  There is no big difference when it comes to the loop attachment, it is placed on one end on both holders and you can take it out by removing the screw.


Keysmart vs keysmart extended

The keysmart can accommodate up to 14 keys which are 88 mm and less. It also has a loop included where you can attach larger keys and car keys. This instant key organiser has rounded edges; it will keep your keys organised and intact and prevent them from poking holes into your clothes and bags.

This high grade aluminium and high quality stainless steel key holder is designed to hold multiple keys together while eliminating any bulkiness simultaneously.  Despite its high grade materials, the keysmart is surprisingly light and won’t add any extra bulkiness to your set of keys.  With this holder, you can forget the disorganisation and tingle of your keys as you move.


  • Easy to assemble the keys
  • Strong screws which don’t need tightening


  • It is very expensive

Keysmart extended

Keysmart vs keysmart extended

They keysmart extended keeps your keys neat and organised.  The standard keysmart extended will accommodate up to 8 of your keys given they are more than 55mm and less than 80 mm thick each. This keychain will help you get rid of noisy tangling keys and give you an organised system that will save your space, time and money.  The design is created to protect your clothes and leather bags from damage. It has edges that keep the sharp parts away from your designer clothes and bags.

The designers have included a loop attachment where you can install larger car keys or fob remote. It is an instant key organiser. It is made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel. Keysmart is stainless, rust free, light weight and has a design guaranteed to last you a while. You won’t have to worry about bulky and disorganised keys when you have the keysmart extended.


  • Simple to assemble
  • The accessory loop makes it convenient


  • It is expensive

The verdict

Since these two products are somewhat alike, it was ridiculously difficult to make the right choice, but I did. The keysmart extended is the right fit for me since it can expand to fit more keys.  The extra loop is perfect for attaching my bigger keys.


Can the keysmart accommodate old car keys?

Any keys with uniform thickness can be installed successfully. Just make sure the key rings are not super small and they do not have a bulky plastic grip.

Can they also work for very small keys?

You can keep any keys as long as they are within the size of the keysmart. The only issue is that the key has a key hole big enough to fit into the assembly screws of both keysmarts.

What if your key has black plastic covers on top?

It really depends on the size of the plastic cover. If it is thin enough, it will fit into the key organisers with other keys without any issue.

What if you have only two keys, will that cause any issues?

Both the keysmart and keysmart extended will work perfectly with minimal keys. one proem you may face is that they will not stay organised due to the length of the screws.

Can I attach two car keys to the loop?

The loop piece included with both key holders will accommodate two large keys. if they do not, you can but a simple loop to add on to the loop for extra keys.