Nest Yale lock vs august smart lock – a high tech alternative for your door

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The august smart lock does not allow any common numbers when you are setting up the codes. For the best smart lock read the Nest Yale lock vs august smart lock review.

The peace of mind that comes with securing your home and your family is important. I was worried about the relative weakness of old fashioned locks after a friend showed me how to pick a car lock. They helped me get into my car after I had locked my keys in, but this got me thinking. If my car could be breached within minutes, was my home any safer? What’s worse is that my locks would be putting my family at risk too. I had to get secure locks immediately. I looked at a number of smart lock options, to find a high tech alternative that could ensure security for my family and myself.

What are the differences between Nest Yale lock and august? How do they compare

Comparison Nest x Yale lock August  smart lock
Phone compatibility iOS iOS
Key fob keyless No , 1 standard key included
Auto lock feature YES YES
Power supply 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
WI-FI adapter Nest connect Alexa
Check the price Check the price


Nest Yale lock vs august – A Detailed Comparison

The design

I think that we can all agree that from the first glance, the Nest X Yale Lock is a beautifully designed and crafted smart lock. The exterior of the lock is a glaring black touch screen that is made of glass. It contains a backlit feature on the keypad and comes in a variety of colors including satin nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. The august smart lock pro is sturdy and well designed. It is metallic and has a smooth texture and modern design.


The august smart lock pro has control locks on the huge circular button that will blink red when you lock the door and green when it is still open.  You can buy the nest x Yale lock with or without the Nest connect. It allows you to connect to the internet and have a remote control of the lock. You will be able to lock and unlock the door while also adding new lock codes from a great distance.

When you are buying the nest x Yale lock, you are provided with the option of including the Nest connects.  If you do, you will be able to connect your lock to the internet and this allows you some immediate control. You can control the lock remotely; which means you can unlock or lock the home while you are far away or create address codes that can be used. If someone wants to get into the home, you can give them a code and remove it from the system once they are done with it.

Performance and compatibility

The August smart lock pro uses Geofencing to lock and unlock your door depending on your location. It has an indicator that will light up when you lock and unlock the door. Also, a sound is produced as an alarm indicator on any action on the lock.

The nest x Yale on the other hand, does not integrate very well with the other smart home security systems. It will not work well if you use SmartThings , HomeKit, Wink and some few others.

Nest Yale lock review

nest yale lock

Nest x Yale uses  zugbee to operate efficiently.  The smart lock works with WIFI, Nest cam, Nest video doorbell and nest learning thermostat.  It is simple, pleasant and is a great home security system. The WIFI adapter helps you connect the smart lock to your phone for communication.  It responds very fast to commands from your mobile application.

This smart lock does not have an auto-unlock option. There is no keyhole, which means it relies solely on the key codes and mobile app controls in order to unlock. Security is tighter because nobody will try to pick the lock and cannot open it without a code. Common numbers are not allowed when setting up the codes for this smart lock. It refuses to generate some numbers, which prompts you to create more complex ones. You can generate some codes for other people. You can add up o 20 codes for your guests. The nest Yale does not have a Bluetooth radio so you have to connect it to your smart phone using mobile app controls. The applications offer a double deal bundle of remote access and free app control


  • Easy to install
  • Google Assistant support
  • Has key fobs


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work with Nest security cameras

August smart lock review

august smart lock vs nest yale

The august smart lock is made of an anodized aluminium finish and has a sleek bar sporting logo on the top. It includes some AAA batteries that are held in place by three small and powerful magnets. The small indicator at the centre of the knob will grow green when you open the door and red when you close it.  There is a chime sound produced every time you lock and unlock the door.

This lock supports the home kit platform which is controlled using siri voice commands. You can use this feature t lock and unlock the front door or to enquire whether the door is locked or unlocked when you are not close. The auto-lock feature on this smartlock will automatically lock the door if it has been open for more than 30 seconds of 5 minutes. The auto-unlock system that uses Geofencing will unlock your door depending on your location. It does not offer any email notifications


  • Easy to install
  • Has Voice activation
  • Geofencing support


  • Pricey
  • Requires additions to control remotely

The bottom line

Both the nest yale and august smart lock have security benefits in their own ways. While the august smart lock is keyless, the nest yale does not allow set up of common number as codes. All these features provide extra security for your home.


Can the nest Yale work without a hub?

The nest Yale lock communicates through Bluetooth. With the nest connect, you can connect it to your internet and get the alerts on your phone.

Is the nest Yale compatible with Samsung smart things?

Unfortunately, it does not connect with Samsung but works well with nest connect. The connection works on the WIFI network through your mobile phone.

Can I open and close the door manually from the inside of the door by turning on the smart lock?

From the inside, you can turn the loc manually to unlatch or latch the deadbolt. Additionally, you can also use your existing key from the outside.

What if the batteries die inside the august lock?

The lock will send you a notification beforehand to let you know before it happens. If you ignore the notification, you can still use the key to operate the lock.

Does the august smart lock work with any android phones?

The application does not work well with most android phones. Although the connection will be perfect, features like the auto lock system may not operate normally.