Adding Tools to Your Keybar: 5 EDC Tools Your Keybar Needs!

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With the rise of EDC tools, you may be thinking about adding tools to your Keybar collection. That in itself is a great idea, but you may need some help in deciding what to go for.

The last thing you would want is to be in the midst of an emergency, outside your home, with no tools to help you manage the situation. That is exactly where key organizers like the Keybar come in, and the various tools you can add to make it even more useful.


The Keybar is a great pick if you are struggling to handle or organize your keys. However, it can also be a great place to store various tools, especially because the current world we live in dictates that we must always be prepared for any eventualities. In this article, we look at several tools you can add to the collection. While some may seem more useful than others, they are all important in their own ways and you can add or remove them as you wish.

A Flashlight

When you are in an emergency situation in the middle of the night, the last thing you want is remaining in darkness – anything can happen to you. Flashlights will come in very handy for situations such as these, but they are also highly useful in your everyday life. You just need to find something that uses common batteries, then attach it to your EDC package and make your life easier.

A knife

Knives are essentials when it comes it EDC, as the history of the Swiss Army knife set will tell you. You might not need something complicated though, so you can settle for a small set that features some additional useful tools like screwdrivers.

The knife will add extra versatility in its functionality, and has various functions such as self-defense, opening packages, food preparation, and as an emergency tool.

USB Drive

Storage these days is no longer about paper – everything is going digital. That means that adding this tool on your keychain removes the struggle of forgetting important information or documents at home, or carrying your laptop with you everywhere (which is tiring and sometimes a security risk). You will always have access to the information you require, yet it remains comfortable to carry.

most of drives coming have storage capacities of up to 32GB of data, although you can also get those containing four to eight gigabytes. Always search for one that is resistant to scratches and water, so that data constantly remains safe regardless of external conditions.

Power bank

Smartphones are an essential tool to have in our lives, but what happens when the battery runs out and you are in the midst of an emergency situation?

That is where a power bank comes in. You may not have the space to carry an ordinary charger, but the power bank comes in handy as an alternative source of energy. In addition, its compact size means you can carry it with you anywhere without investing too much in extra space allocation.

However, you do need to be careful – many power banks have a substandard design, and they can damage your phone’s battery by delivering very high voltages than it can handle. If you buy the high quality ones though, you will not have anything to worry about.

Headphones or earphones

Whether you enjoy listening to music on your commutes to work, or love listening to audio books, you will enjoy having these. They allow you to sit back and listen, all while picking new information without much strain. An example would be listening to an audio book instead of having to carry the physical copy around, which takes up plenty of space.


Having EDC tools everywhere with you is a great idea when you are staying prepared. You have enough clutter in your life, so you need to make your work easier when you have various EDC items that you carry around every day.


Is there specific criteria to use when looking for a key-chain multi-tool?

Yes, because not every key-chain will work well when you add other items on it. A key-chain multi-tool has a length of three inches or less, and has an expansive range of form factors. Look for those made of metal (preferably stainless steel). They should also be easy to use and lightweight so that you do not feel weighed down.

Why should you have a key-chain multi tool?

If you are not a fan of heavy or bulky tools in your pockets (which you likely aren’t), then having a key-chain multi tool is a good idea. It will also allow you to have high the functionality of all the tools at your disposal. Because of its lightweight and small form factor, it is easy to carry around as well.