Feitian ePass vs. Yubikey Neo –which among these is worth a try?

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The rise of security keys is a response to the rise of cybercrimes – but you need to know what you are getting. We compare two keys, the Feitian ePass vs. Yubikey Neo, and see which is better than the other.

When ensuring your online security, you need to remember that passwords are the worst form of security you can rely on, especially when you use them alone. Online security developers are however turning to various methods to enhance security, including the famous 2FA method, as well as the U2F key method. There are many keys in the market, but we will focus on two keys today, the Feitian ePass and the Yubikey Neo.

What are the differences between Feitian ePass and Yubikey Neo? How do they compare?

Key model Feitian ePass Yubikey Neo
Security model U2F 2FA, USB-A
Weight (grams) 0.64 3
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Feitian ePass vs. Yubikey Neo – What are the differences?

How they operate

Among the biggest differences has to be the general format of both keys. The Feitian ePass is primarily a U2F security key. This means that the key offers you a form of authorization that lets you access your accounts and data, while using the Fido2 and U2F protocols that stop hackers from taking over your account. It also achieves that by combining public key cryptography and hardware-based authentication.

Because of its structure, you will not need internet access to use it once you finish installing your data, and this will permityou to use it to access your accounts even when you are offline.On the other hand, the Yubikey Neo combines both 2FA and U2F elements, so you can think of it as combining the best elements of both.

NFC access

The Yubikey Neo is a 2FA physical key that has great incorporation of NFC – in fact, it even beats the Feitian ePass in this area. In addition, because it is a physical 2FA device, you do not need to worry about whether you can access your accounts when your phone dies out; instead of getting a unique code on your phone, the key acts as a worthwhile substitute.

The Feitian ePass, while it has its advantages since it is a U2F key, does not have the same extent of sophistication that the Yubikey Neo does. It will easily stand out from most U2F keys though, thanks to its identity as a USB keyboard, smart card reader and smart card. Because it has a wide range of usage, it eventually replace text message codes, authenticator apps, OTP tokens (especially the outdated ones) and any other security device you have used before.

Protocol access

Because of the level of security it offers, it gives you a very strong level of authentication across different protocols. These include Facebook, Salesforce, GitHub, Duo,Centrify, Dropbox, Twitter, Gmail, Dashlane, and any other browser or platform that utilizes U2F and FIDO2.

For the case of the Yubikey Neo, it will work with a variety of protocols – but it fails to work with others. A prime example is Twitter, which does not work very well with the authentication key, even though it has its own 2FA system of authentication. However, this is an issue that will hopefully be solved as time goes by and improvements are made.

Feitian ePass review

It has a similar build to a USB drive, however, it does not contain any sensitive information. The idea behind its operation is that there is one small chip in it, whichpermits its user to log in to their accounts.

What aids the process is the flexibility it has in accessingvarious protocols, and this makes it a multi-purpose security key – which is the reason you can access a wide range of browsers and other services through it. These include FIDO2,Yubico OTP, OATH-HOTP, FIDO U2F, PIV (smart card), OATH-TOTP, Challenge-Response, and numerous others.


  • You can use it comfortably on 2FA systems
  • Both the USB and NFC functions work very well
  • Easy to use and setup


  • Fails to operate well when you use Lastpass Yubikeys
  • It experiences vulnerabilities in security measures at certain times




Yubikey Neo review

Coming in a dark color, the look of the Yubikey Neo is clean and attractive. You use it to connect to your device, either through NFC or USB ports – and it can handle mainly U2F and OTP (one time passwords). Regardless of the setup you decide to use, the setup is very easy, and we are impressed with the NFC capability of the key.

If you need any extra help, you can find it in the main Yubico website, which also has information of all compatible sites.


  • It gives an instant 2FA authentication
  • Durable
  • Very light and compact


  • Does not work with some major sites
  • Pricey


Final thoughts

The final choice will depend on the range of access you want and general usability, and the Feitian ePass is a great choice if you are starting out in the world of security keys.


What is the advantage of using U2F keys over 2FA authentication methods?

While 2FA proves be to a more useful security method than a password, it does have its own inherent issues. U2F is the most reliable, as it allows you to access multiple accounts without the need of a password or exposure risks, all through the use of one device.

On the other hand, is there an advantage of using U2F keys like Yubikey?

U2F is the most reliable mode of accessing your online accounts safely, as it allows you to enter multiple accounts without the need of a password or exposure risks, all through the use of one device.

How do you use both?

The use of the U2F key is not as difficult as it may seem on the surface. The key will basically work as a second factor authentication. Simply plug in the device to an internet-enabled device or computer, and enter your PIN and confirm your transactions.

What if they get stolen?

The person who steals the key or wallet cannot access your account unless they know your password, which they do not store.

Do you need a separate key for each account?

No, you can use one key for multiple accounts, just like the 2FA system that allows you to use one app for multiple accounts, but different codes. This is because the key stores your digital information in a chip.