Kwikset premis review-Get a seamless operation from this unique deadbolt

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Get a web of protection by choosing a motorized deadbolt which combines advanced technology with old time muscular security. You can learn more about this from Kwikset premis review.

My job involves a lot of traveling. Though I love adventure, it keeps me away from my wife for some time, and the distance makes me worry. I try to ensure that she does not feel my absence and always strive to make her feel safe when she is alone at home. I bought Kwikset Premis to boost our home security system and monitor the door via my Apple TV remotely. It has eliminated my worries and makes my wife feel safe when alone.

What are the specifications of Kwikset Premis?

Display style Touchscreen
User codes 30
Smartkey system Available
Weight 3.34 pounds
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Kwikset Premis review

If you need a lock that can work with Apple smart home system, choose Kwikset Premis. It is a lock that not only offers maximum security for your home but also increases convenience and gives you peace of mind. You can control this lock with Apple devices such as Apple TV and integrate it with other systems at home. It is a solid lock that gives you virtual and physical security.

Kwikset Premis review features

kwikset premis review


The first aspect that attracts you to Kwikset Premis is its classy design. It features a shiny plastic plate and lights up when you use the Premis app to activate it. On the latch, there is an LED indicator which helps you monitor the status of its batteries. It looks elegant and can complement your door’s hardware. You can choose the lock from different finishes such as Venetian bronze or Sating nickel.


Kwikset Premis is a BHMA grade 2 deadbolt that makes use of an encryption system to protect your home from attackers. The manufacturer uses a metal housing to ensure that this lock is tamper-resistant. This lock has different security features that perform unique functions. For instance, instead of relying on keys, you use codes to open your door. The keyless operation ensures that no unauthorized person can enter your home through duplicating keys. There is a master code which prevents the users from changing the already existing codes or adding a new one without your permission.

An in-built alarm system is in place to boost security. If a person enters three consecutive codes that are inaccurate, the alarm sounds. There is also the inclusion of a secure mode which is designed to disable all the user codes to control security.  You will like the auto-lock feature which prevents you from forgetting to lock your door.


The manufacturer includes different technological systems to make Kwikset Premis a superior lock. They incorporate advanced smartkey system to offer resistance against most of the forced entry techniques. This mechanism makes your door not prone to lock bumping and picking.

A person trying to gain access to your home will probably try to use any means to achieve their goal. That is why Kwikset Premis takes extra measure by including the SecureScreen technology. With this, you have to key in two random digits before you enter the personal code. It prevents your code from being detected on the touchscreen surface.


We mentioned that this deadbolt is designed for Apple Homekit. It makes use of Bluetooth technology and can work with voice assistants such as Siri. You can only control it if you connect it with Apple TV within a distance of 40 feet. The Homekit app allows you to lock and unlock Kwikset Premis and maintains an activity log for you to monitor your doors activities.


  • You can customize the codes
  • The use of random digits before entering your code boost security
  • Installation is a breeze


  • You have to be within Bluetooth range to control the lock with Apple TV
  • It does not work with WIFI


Can I control Kwikset Premis lock remotely?

This is possible only if you connect it to Apple TV fourth generation. You don’t have to pair them; as long as your lock is within 40 feet to the Apple TV, you can operate it remotely.

Is it possible for me to use Kwikset Premis without Apple TV?

Yes. Though you can use it as a standalone, you would not enjoy remote capabilities. You can use the Premis app to control the touchscreen and program your codes.

Does this lock work automatically?

Yes, as long as you set the auto-lock feature, you can lock or unlock it without manual manipulation after a certain period.

Can Kwikset Premis lock be hacked?

Not really. The manufacturers use an encryption system to prevent cases of hacking while using this lock. They also add other features that make it secure and tamper-resistant.


Any user of Apple’s Homekit will appreciate the capabilities of Kwikset Premis. From my Kwikset Premis review, I liked the extra features that this deadbolt uses to boost security such as master code, alarm system, auto-lock, and secure screen. Its ability to use codes in place of keys gives me control of my house. The Siri voice control function also increases convenience for my entire family.