Nord lock washer review-Choose a certified and versatile lock washer that you can use and re-use

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Vibration occurs anywhere, and it can loosen bolted joints. The type of technology used in lock washers is what determines how effective they can be. Our Nord lock washer review reveals more!

I am a contractor who takes up different building projects across the country. In my line of duty, using high-quality materials is vital due to safety concerns. When we started constructing a bridge, the project manager put me in charge of getting the right equipment for the job. It was quite hectic since I had to do a lot of research and compare equipment. I discovered the Nord Lock washer to help us tighten the bolts, and I liked the mechanism they use. Our project manager also approved its use, and this lock washer has not disappointed.

What are the specifications of the Nord lock washer?

Weight 1.6 ounces
Dimensions 5. 8 × 3.1 × 0.4 inches
Style Wedge
Color Silver
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Nord lock washer review

If you are searching for a lock washer that can secure bolted joints completely, choose Nord lock washer. What makes this lock washer stand out from the rest is the incorporation of the wedge locking technology.

Most lock washers such as the split lock depend on friction to secure bolts. Experts reveal that friction is not a reliable locking method since you have to keep on re-tightening the bolt. Nord lock washer, on the other hand, makes use of tension to secure a bolted joint.  It can help you save on maintenance costs, and increase productivity.

nord lock

Nord lock washer review features


This lock washer often comes in a matched pair. It contains radial teeth on one side and cams on the other. The radial cogs press into the mating surface while the wedged cogs are designed to increase the load under vibration. Some of the Nord lock washers have an enlarged diameter to distribute the load over an extended surface area. If you are dealing with a sensitive area or painted surface, choose a Nord lock washer with a larger diameter.


The wedge securing technology used in Nord lock washer helps your screws remain tight even when they are exposed to dynamic loads or vibration. The Nord lock washer creates a wedge effect beneath your bolt or nut giving it a secure grip and preventing the nut from rotating. This mechanism provides a stable clump load during operation eliminating the need for retightening the bolt.


Nord lock washer is made from quality components that  increase its durability. The materials used in the construction such as hardened steel and zinc make it corrosion-resistant.  Since the Nord lock washer does not use friction to secure bolts, it is not affected by factors such as lubrication.


According to numerous tests that the lock washer has undergone, it has proven to outdo other lock washers and provide high and reliable performance. Different institutes have approved the Nord lock washer. It delivers maximum anti-rotation locking for years.


  • It is quick to install
  • Lubrication does not affect the lock washer
  • It is a reliable and safe lock washer


  • Some users claim that it is not the best on subjects that can easily collapse
  • Finding the right size is also not easy


Where can I use a Nord lock washer?

The versatility of this lock washer is the reason why different industries are using it. It is applicable in fields such as mining, energy, construction, forestry, offshore and shipbuilding.

Can I use this lock washer with a galvanized bolt?

Yes. Nord lock washers work well with galvanized bolts. They can make use of tension to tighten jointed bolts and prevent rotation caused by vibration.

Is it possible for me to re-use Nord lock washers?

Yes. You can re-use this type of washer as long as it is still in good shape. The frequency of use depends on different factors such as pre-load, environment and external forces. Inspect the washer before re-using it.

What tightening torque can I use with a Nord lock washer?

This depends on the size of your bolt and its grade. The type of lubricant you use also affects tightening torque. Go through the torque guidelines to identify the right one for your bolt size.


The design of a bolt comes with its weakness. When it is exposed to vibration, it can become lose and affect productivity. Lock washers can provide a quick fix to this problem, but each type is made differently. From my Nord lock washer review, I discovered that this makes us of wedge technology to make your bolt tight and vibration-free. It is a safe lock washer that you can use on different applications and never have to keep on retightening your bolts.

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