Schlage connect review-A smart lock for the digital age

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Advanced technology has made our lives simpler. Lock manufacturers like Schlage integrate this form of technology to simplify your lifestyle. Learn more about it from Schlage connect review.

Owning rental property is an achievement that I don’t take for granted. It has taken me a lot of sacrifices to get to where I am today. The management part can, however, be challenging at times. I sometimes have to deal with tenant issues to make them comfortable. For the most part, I have incurred extra costs out of replacing locks for some of the tenants who keep on losing keys. I wanted a permanent solution for this problem, and I decided to install Schlage connect on every door. This has saved me such hassles and increased convenience for my tenants.

What are the specifications of Schlage connect?

Style Camelot
Weight 3.8 pounds
Home automation Z-wave available
Finish Satin Nickel
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Schlage connect review

The use of keys on doors can be problematic due to misplacing or forgetting to carry them. Relying on keys is also not safe since a person can easily duplicate them and gain access to your home. That is why you need to choose a lock that provides you with a keyless operation. Schlage connect improves your home security by providing all the right security features to keep off intruders.

Schlage Connect review features

Security standards

It is an ANSI grade 1 deadbolt that gives you the highest form of security. The manufacturers use metal components to make this lock strong and durable. Its solid construction assures you that there are no flimsy components on it.

z wave connect


With this smart lock, you can utilize user codes in place of keys to access your home. The lock allows you to program codes directly from the keypad or through the use of Z-wave platform provider. Feel free to give the members of your family a 4-digit code that they can easily remember for them to access your home without keys. The lock also gives you the option of programming a temporary code to give guests.

Auto-handling feature

This feature simplifies the installation process. During the setup, auto-handling can tell which direction you need to throw the bolt for you to secure it in position. You don’t need any wiring to install this lock. Its design makes it suitable for standard residential doors.


The sleek touchscreen of this lock gives you a touch of modernity. Some users who have used other smart locks complain that an intruder can easily detect the code in use due to the oil residue left on the screen. To solve this problem, the manufacturers of Schlage Connect ensure that this touchscreen is finger-resistant, adding extra security measures.

Z-wave technology

Feel free to control your lock remotely due to the inclusion of this technology. It provides you with remote management abilities and facilitates compatibility with other smart home devices. For instance, you can turn off your lights even when you are away or switch off the thermostat.

Alarm sensor

Not many smart locks come with an alarm sensor, but Schlage connect adds this security feature. You get to choose between three different alert modes including forced entry, tamper or activity. With this, you are always on the loop of what is happening around your home.


  • The use of high-quality materials increase durability
  • Facilitates remote monitoring and control
  • Has an alarm system


  • It lacks an independent mobile app
  • Some of the features cannot work without the home automation system


How can I tell that my battery is low?

Schlage connect features a low battery indicator which can notify you beforehand. This prevents you from getting caught off-guard. In case it dies without your knowledge, you can use the back-up key.

Does schlage connect support voice assistants?

Yes. This smart lock can work with Alexa to facilitate voice control. You will need to purchase the hub separately if you want to control your lock with your voice.

Is Schlage connect a secure lock for my home?

Yes. The manufacturers try to add an extra layer of security on your lock to prevent different entry techniques. They include a finger-resistant touchscreen deadbolt, alarm sensor, and remote monitoring.

Will this lock work well in different weather conditions?

Yes. Schlage lock is weatherproof, and the touchscreen responds well in different weather conditions. It also uses quality components that are resistant to corrosion.

Does Schlage connect auto-lock?

It can. You can enable the feature by programming it via your keypad. You can also use it along with a smart hub such as Wink if you prefer an extended auto-lock delay.


Most people choose smart locks due to their high level of security. They, however, vary when it comes to their security features. From my Schlage connect review, I learned that this is one of the locks that offer maximum security for my rental property. With systems such as an alarm, Z-wave technology, auto-handling, and finger-resistant touchscreen, I no longer worry about security issues.