The case for leather key organizers – The Orbitkey 2.0 cognac

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Have you ever struggled with the weight of carrying an annoying bunch of keys, all making excessive amounts of noise? That is where key organizers like the Orbitkey 2.0 cognac come in.

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a more efficient way to organize your keys. Believe me, you are not alone, and the struggle happens to the best of us. While your bunch of keys are a necessary evil, you cannot avoid them. Key organizers have become a very popular option for many people, and when you think about the struggle, it is not hard to know why.

Why the case for key organizers?

Every day, the number of items you are required to have on you is reducing, and that could be a case of cultural trends, security reasons, or technology advancement. If you want to see it in action, you need not look further than the wallets of today, storage devices (from a bulky floppy disc to flash drives and even microchips), working or travel bags, and the items you carry in your pockets.

Even within pocket items, the key chain or key organizer has gone through some interesting changes, even though the purpose remains the same. What has changed though, is the materials that are used in the organizer, as well as its features. Now we begin to see that the trend is going towards minimalism.

Even though the key organizer is heading in a minimalist direction, the basic design that looks like a Swiss army knife does not change. The usual key organizer of today can take a maximum of 3 to 6 keys, although there are brands that make those that can accommodate more. This is changing though, since the rise of digital keys means that future key organizers will have less bulkiness than decades before. Car keys are also going through the evolution into slimmer and more modern designs.

buying a key organizer

Now, the key organizer is not just a key organizer – it now accommodates extra tools like USB sticks, knives, and bottle openers, in an effort to make them more utilitarian in their outlook.

Why should you bother with buying a key organizer?

If you are a part of the crowd that carries keys on a regular basis, then getting an organizer will help you immensely in the future. If you are a guy, you will find that carrying the key set without the organizer leads to jingling, straining on the pocket hems, annoying poking instances, and bulges of the pocket.

In addition, keys are not the lightest EDC items out there, and the more they are, the heavier they become. The key organizer does its part to enclose the keys in a smaller space and save you the hassle.

What are the main materials making up these organizers?

The usual materials that makers used in the past were certain forms of polyester, canvas, or leather. However, today sees a wide variety of materials in use, such as combinations of metals and composite items like plastics. Here are some of the materials in use today:


The leather material has remained popular, even in spite of newer materials coming up – and it is all thanks to its aesthetic, durability and quality. It is also popular because of the classic hand feel it has, and it will go very well if you have other items made from leather.

All the minimalist leather organizers will feature a priority on form factor and utility, rather than added features, such as in the case of the Orbitkey 2.0 cognac.


These are also very popular because they always hold their original shape, even after you use them for a very long time. The most common varieties are stainless steel and aluminum, mainly because they are not prone to rusting.

Since their volume is already in existence due to the measurements and size of the metal base, these will feature extra features that you will not find in leather organizers, such as bottle openers.


While you are selecting a key organizer, it will be a subjective decision because you will consider factors like functionality and materials. Bear in mind though, that key organizers will continue to evolve as technology continues to change the form of keys.


Do you even need the Orbitkey 2.0?

It depends on your individual needs. It may come in handy if you are looking for a method of organizing your keys and have some extra tools on the side. However, it may not help you much if you are in a line of work that constantly uses construction or maintenance tools.

Are all the extra tools important?

You need to know what kind of tools you require, then this will guide you on the specifications to look for. The denominations of the functions will also determine its user-friendliness.

Is there specific criteria to use when looking for a keychain multi-tool?

Yes, since not every keychain will work well when you add other items on it. A keychain multi-tool will tend to have a length of three inches or less, and has the most expansive range of form factors. Look for those made of stainless steel. They should also be easy to use and lightweight.