Yale assure review-Meet the sleek and modern smart lock that everyone is talking about

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Are you ready to replace your old deadbolt with a smart lock? Yale lockswill give you reliable service. Go through this Yale assure review to learn more about the model.

I had saved enough to purchase a new house for my family. I decided to keep my plans to myself so that I could surprise them after buying the perfect house. There was a lot of things to do, but I knew that home security had to be a priority on my list. One of my friends suggested that I install a smart lock on the front door, but I was hesitant due to cases of hacking. My dilemma led me to Yale assure, and after in-depth research, I decided to go with it. Since we relocated to our new home, it has been working perfectly, and my family loves its capabilities.

What are the specifications of Yale Assure lock?

Door thickness 1-3/4’’-2 1/4 ‘’
Weight 3 pounds
Dimensions 1 × 2.5 × 3 inches
Finish Oil-rubbed bronze
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Yale assure review

This low-profile and sleek, smart lock can give you excellent home security. It comes in different finishes for you to choose the one that matches your style and complements your door. It consists of a slim frame that makes it look attractive and has back-up and security features.

Yale assure review feature

Keyless entry

It features a touchscreen deadbolt that allows you to gain access to your home without any keys. The illuminated keypad increases visibility for you to enter the pin code even in low light conditions. You can set a 4-8 digit user code which acts as your password. Makes use of the Yale secure app to help you manage the unique codes.

Yale assure feature


Yale Assure lock makes use of 4AA batteries to operate. There is a battery indicator on the smart lock which allows you to monitor their status. With this lock, you cannot get stranded outside your house due to problems such as low power. The producers include jumpstart nodes at the bottom area of the keypad which delivers back-up power if the batteries run out.


For you not to have a hard time installing this lock on your door, you must ensure that your door is aligned correctly.  The lock can fit on all standard doors. You have to replace the existing lock with this new smart lock as you follow the provided guidelines to get it running. If you can access an app known as BILT, you can use different types of guidelines to simplify the installation process. Yale goes beyond paper instructions by providing an animated version of audio to make it easy for you to set up your smart lock.


Would you like to connect your new lock to other devices? Get network modules to complete the connection. Yale Assure lock is compatible with Apple homekit. You can connect the app with im1 network module for the two to function accordingly. The Yale secure app allows you to lock your front door via Bluetooth and also manage your lock settings. You can also unlock your door using iPhone, Apple watch, iPad and Siri.


  • Has an auto-relock feature which boosts security
  • Simple set-up
  • It comes in a sleek design that adds to its aesthetic value


  • You may need a network module to improve the smart home platform
  • Some people report that the instructions provided are confusing


Can I get notifications while using the app to operate Yale Assure?

Yes. You will receive alerts every time your door is locked or unlocked. This can help you monitor your door’s activities for enhanced security.

What if the batteries die, can I still access my home after installing this lock?

Yes. At the bottom of the keypad lies a 9V jumpstart node which can power up your unit during such emergencies.

How does ANSI grade this deadbolt?

According to the security standards set by such bodies, Yale Assure is a Grade 2 lock that offers good security. It also comes with solid construction that boosts its durability.

How can I operate this lock using my cell phone?

You have to buy the network module for you to operate this lock with your phone. The module allows you to integrate it into a smart home system.

I live next to the ocean, will Yale assure lock corrode from the salt air surrounding?

No. The manufacturer makes use of quality components to make this lock withstand different surroundings without corroding.


Both newbies of smart locks and those who have heard some experience with them in the past will like this model. From my Yale Assure review, I confirmed that this deadbolt is not only resistant to attacks but also convenient to use. I like how the auto-lock works and the ease of use of the Yale secure app. If you own Apple homekit, this lock is for you.