Yale lock review-This goes out to everyone having second thoughts about upgrading to smartlocks

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Are you tired of making constant visits to the locksmith every time you need to rekey your lock? Go keyless by choosing a lock from Yale. It will save you time and boost your security. Our Yale lock review has more!

Like you, I was exhausted of duplicating keys and giving each to my big family. Using keys was inconveniencing for us since the young ones ended up misplacing their copies and rekeying was getting quite expensive. This is what made me consider keyless locks, and when I researched about Yale locks, I admired their capabilities. I could not stand using keys on the front door anymore, and Yale lock seemed to exceed my expectations. It has not only made things easy in my household but also boosted our security.

What are the specifications of Yale lock?

Weight 3.45 pounds
Dimensions 2.8 × 1 × 5.2 inches
Material Stainless steel
Finish Brushed bronze
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Yale lock review

People with big families that consist of small kids sometimes hesitate from choosing smart locks due to their complexity of use. A child may find it challenging to grasp how to lock and unlock the door using a smartphone app. For this reason, Yale tries to simplify the process by providing you with a lock that is easy to use. Your small children can easily learn how to open this lock with minimal efforts. Yale lock is not only simple to use but also secure and convenient.

Yale lock review features

Push button deadbolt

In place of keys, it utilizes push buttons to give you access to your home. You no longer have to keep on getting stranded due to losing or misplacing your keys. The lock comes with a 4-8 digit pin code on the backlit keypad which you should enter to unlock it.

Yale lock features

The keypad lights up when you enter the keys to detect that it is working properly. The numbers do not wear off quickly since the keypad is made using high-quality materials. Feel free to set unique pin codes and share them with your family as well as friends.

One-touch locking

Experience the convenience of using a smart lock which facilitates one-touch locking. To lock the door behind you, touch any of the keys on the pad and let it respond on its own.


4AA batteries power this smart lock. Unfortunately, you have to buy the cells separately since the producer does not include them in your package. If you are concerned about locking yourself due to weak batteries, you can relax. Yale lock comes with a 9V terminal which is found on the bottom part of your keypad. You can use this as back-up when your batteries are down.


For you to get it run, you have to replace your current lock with this smart lock. You don’t need to make new holes since the installation needs no wiring. It is an easy-to-install lock that requires no expertise. The available instructions should be enough to get it running.


Experts agree that Yale lock is a smart door lock that has earned a good reputation in the industry. The brand has been in existence for more than 100 years which is proof of its credibility. It also has a lot of positive reviews and minimal complaints.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Installation is easy
  • The lock is sturdy and simple


  • Limited color choices
  • It does not support many smart home device


Is it possible for me to dismantle the auto-lock function?

Yes. If you don’t want your smart lock to work automatically in specified periods, you can dismantle the auto-lock feature and operate it manually.

What if someone enters 5 inaccurate combinations, how do I clear the lockout?

You only need to use the master pin code to reset your Yale lock and get it running again.

Is Yale lock compatible with Apple homekit?

No. Unfortunately, the smart lock is limited when it comes to its compatibility function.

Can I use Yale lock on my front door?

Yes. This lock is designed for residential purposes and offers proper security on the front door. Security features such as one-touch locking, auto-lock, and keyless entry make it secure enough for your door.

Apart from utilizing the keypad, can I open Yale lock via Bluetooth?

Yes. It gives you both options.


Are you new to smart locks and would like a simple one for your door? This lock was designed with you in mind. From my Yale lock review, I was confident that it would work well for my household. The one-touch locking and auto-lock features have enhanced my security system. I got it working within 15 minutes and taught the rest of my family members how to use codes.