Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f – Which is a Smarter Option?

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With the strong two factor authentication system of the Fido u2f, you will never lose any passwords to your account. Check out the Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f review to pick the best security key option for you.

Hi, my name is Bill and I work at a very important pharmaceutical company. I love my job and enjoy everything about it. Apart from all the practical lab work I do daily, I am tasked with keeping all the documents and new formulas safe in my laptop. It sounds super easy but trust me, it is definitely an arduous task. Sometimes I travel with my computer and put all that information at risk! To avoid getting into great civil issues with the company, I sort out a solution that will keep me and the information safe. I did a ton of research on the Yubikey 4 the Fido u2f security keys. In doing so, I found options that will keep both my data and company’s information safe. I hope to share this research and in doing so help you make the best decision for you.

Differences between the Yubikey 4 and Fido u2f – How do they compare?

Model Yubikey 4 FIDO U2F Key
FIDO 2 support Yes Yes
Wireless  support No No
Origin USA USA
Check  the price Check the price

Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f – A detailed comparison


Yubikey is created by the well known cyber security company known as Yubiko. The Fido u2f is made by the popular company Thetis. They are both known to produce high quality security keys with all the right factors. They are experts in the field and will provide you with exceptionally good products. Both the Yubikey and Thetis Fido uf2 have the credibility everyone is looking for when it comes to security key production.

Origin of Manufacturer

All Yubikey are designed and manufactured in America. In most cases, this offers the customers (mostly Americans) great confidence when purchasing the product. It makes it easier for people to make up their minds because it seems like a legitimate device.

Thetis FIDO U2F Security Key is also made in America. It is based in Silicon Valley and geared towards giving the customers secure, durable and reliable products. This makes it even harder to make the choice between the Yubikey and Thetis Fido.

Wireless-/ USB support

Unfortunately, both the Yubikey and FIDO U2F Security Key do not offer a wireless support for any device. You have to plug in this small USB device into your device for any kind of access. You cannot, at any point, get access to some of your devices or features if you do not have the key.

Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f review: Pros and Cons

Yubikey 4

Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f

This small flash-like USB device is created to support multiple cryptographic protocols and authentication. With a simple touch at the central part of the key, it has the ability to protect any access to your networks, computers and other online services. It is perfect for all kind of protection for individual consumers to some of the biggest companies and organisations.

The Yubikey 4 is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux operating system, Microsoft window, and other major browsers. If you need to use the near factor communication of Yubikey 4, it is no issues; this security key can use both the NFC and USB to connect to your device.

You can use the Yubikey to secure a wide range of applications. Some of the most popular apps that work with this key include remote access, VNP, computer logins, password management, development platforms, content management, popular online services and others. All you have to do is log in to your Gmail, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, or other accounts using the Fido universal 2factor protocol and sign in a code.

The Yubikey supports countless authentication protocols, including:  one time password, OATH –HOTP, smart card (PIV) the open PGP and other u2f protocols. The hardware secures elements  and guards the encryption keys. You can configure and personalise the Yubikey through a free open source software and tools which are readily available for downloads.


  • Durable
  • Has support for usf and fido 2
  • Affordable


  • Is not wireless

FIDO U2F Security Key

Yubikey 4 vs Fido u2f

The Fido u2f has one of the greatest universal compatibility when it comes to any security keys. It works with the latest versions of Google, chrome and opera mini or other applications that are compliant with the key on Linux, Mac and windows10. Basically, you can use it on any websites that will support the u2f protocol. It works perfectly with the latest chrome installed on your windows or Mac device.

You can protect your online account with the Fido u2f. It offers you a strong two factor authentication for your accounts.  With this system, you are guaranteed to never lose all access and passwords to your online accounts and other sensitive accounts. Scams, hacking, password theft and phishing are no longer an issue when you have the Fido u2f. The 2 factor verification and security fob works in real time.

The manufacturers put safety first when they created the Fido u2f. It provides you with the best low-cost solution for simplicity and high security. Thetis only supports systems with the u2f protocol. It is also certified by the world’s largest ecosystem for a standard based authentication.

The Fido u2f is made of a 360 degree rotating cover metal that shields the connector when you are not using it. It is crafted from high quality aluminium allow. This protects the key from bumps, scratches and heavy drops.  It is designed like a compact USB flash drive with a lightweight design.


  • Simple to use
  • Supports both u2f and fido 2


  • Has zero wireless support


Do you need to download software for the Yubikey 4?

The Yubikey is automatically programmed to work outside the box with many services in the website. Some customisations will require configuration through the Yubikey software.

Can you use the Yubikey for a remote desktop?

Yes, the key is compatible. It works to support PIV functionality and smart card.

Can you use the Yubikey with your iPhone?

It depends on what kind of iPhone model you are using at the moment. For iPhone 6 and above, you will need the Yubikey Neo.

What happens when I lose the Fido u2f?

You can use a different 2 factor authentication on your phone to get the access to your files while you look for the key.

Can you replace the battery on the Fido u2f?

The security key does not use much battery so replacement will only be a one-time thing. You will notice that the security key is running on low power when the red lights start flashing.