August smart lock Yale review-The smart lock features you need for your home security

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JYYYale and August are two companies which work together to deliver a smart lock that meets your specific needs to boost home security. Find out more from this August smart lock Yale.

I am a dad of three young boys and a daughter. My big family gives me a reason to work hard to make everybody comfortable at home. I have always wanted to own a smart lock, but the thought of one of my kids getting stranded outside in my absence made me skeptical at first. I wanted a smart lock that everyone could use without any problems. Since they are young, they don’t have smartphones, and this seemed to be a requirement in most models. When I came across august smart lock Yale, I was impressed since my children could access our home using a code while I could control the door from my smartphone.

What are the specifications of August smart lock Yale?

Weight 4.45 pounds
Dimensions 1.8 × 3× 3 inches
Finish Bronze
Display style Touch screen
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August smart lock Yale review

Are you tired of hiding your keys under the doormat and are concerned about your home security? End your worries for good by installing the August smart lock Yale. With this lock, you don’t need to access your home using keys anymore. It provides you with a keyless operation and gives you the option of opening your door either using your phone or keying in user code.

August smart lock Yale review features


The elegant keypad of this lock features a touchscreen which allows you to access your home by using unique pin codes. You can set codes for your family and give your friends temporary codes when you need them to access your home in your absence then change them. You can utilize up to 25 pin codes.

August smart lock Yale

Doorsense technology

It is among the smart locks that include this form of technology to boost home security. This mechanism can assure you that your lock is entirely closed or open, thus eliminates doubts.

Remote connection

The inclusion of the August features to the Yale lock makes it easy for you to control your lock remotely. You can use the August mobile app for you to monitor your door’s activities from a distance. You can open your door from a distance as you approach it through the app and even close it automatically when you leave the house.

It facilitates Wi-Fi network connection and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you prefer monitoring the status of your door, you can do this with the help of voice assistants such as Siri, Google assistant, and Alexa.


The manufacturers make the design impressive for users. They include elegant finishes that can easily complement your hardware. It also comes with a tamper-resistant cover that prevents intruders from trying to gain access to your home undetected.


You can install this lock on your door without extra help. You have to replace the existing deadbolt on your door with this slim keypad. The use of a touchscreen keypad makes your lock pick resistant due to the elimination of a cylinder.


  • You can easily add and even delete user codes
  • The touchscreen is highly sensitive
  • The installation process is simple


  • You may experience some delays when locking or opening the door using voice assistants like Alexa
  • There is no app support to help you manage the pin codes


How can I operate this smart lock with my cell phone?

A Bluetooth module connects the smart lock to Apple TV so that you can unlock or lock your door remotely. You may need to purchase a smart home hub such as Wink or Smart Things.

Can I get email alerts in my phone when I install this smart lock?

Yes. You can customize it to receive email or text notifications to help you monitor the status of your exterior door from time to time.

 Is August smart lock Yale waterproof?

Yes. The manufacturers add elements that prevent your lock from getting damaged by things such as water. The touchscreen remains responsive even in different weather conditions.

How secure is this smart lock?

Most users report that this lock gives them high security due to the inclusion of door sense technology and auto-lock feature which make sure that your lock is completely closed or open.

Do I get a warranty for purchasing this lock?

Yes. If you purchase it from a good retailer, you can get an extended warranty to help you replace any damaged parts if something gets faulty.


My August smart lock Yale review gave me compelling reasons as to why I should choose this version over the others. The different option of locking and unlocking my door fulfilled the needs of my family members. I also like the elegant design of the keypad and the responsive touchscreen.