August smart lock Yale deadbolt review-Valid reasons to switch to smart home innovation

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Replace your typical deadbolt with one that is not only smart but also secure. If you would like to try out a new smart lock, go through this August smart lock Yale deadbolt review to learn more!

I cannot count how many times I have misplaced keys. Almost every year, I incur a lot since I keep on calling a locksmith to rekey my lock. I was ready to make some changes in my home security measures by switching to smart locks. My search was, however, challenging due to the numerous brands out there. Since I chose August smart lock Yale deadbolt, I have simplified my life and upgraded my security. I only regret taking so long to make the switch.

What are the specifications of august smart lock Yale deadbolt?

Weight 5.35 pounds
Dimensions 1.8 × 3× 4.5
Finish Brushed nickel
Display style Touchscreen
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August smart lock yale deadbolt review

August smart lock Yale deadbolt

This deadbolt works well with the August app to give you smooth operation and convenience. Feel free to install the lock on your exterior door since it is safe to use and keeps intruders away. You can lock your door remotely and even regulate the people who have access to your home. Experience the excitement of controlling your door using your voice. August smart lock Yale deadbolt has more to offer due to the inclusion of specific features.

August smart lock Yale deadbolt review features

Backlit keypad

It comes with a keypad that is backlit to boost visibility in low light conditions. You can easily key in the user code even in the middle of the night and avoid wasting time fumbling for keys. The lock has a touchscreen deadbolt which manufacturers connect with August smart features.

Feel free to create different pin codes for your family, friends and other guests. If you have a babysitter, you can let them in by setting a temporary passcode and delete it later. It eliminates worries such as someone using duplicate keys and accessing your home without your knowledge. The keypad comes with some digits and features at least 25 user codes. You don’t have to rely on keys anymore since you can access your home with the use of a simple password.

Doorsense technology

Manufacturers include doorsense technology to this lock to assure you that your door is either completely locked or unlocked. With this, you don’t have to keep on going back home to confirm that you closed your door.

Auto lock feature

It also contains a feature that prevents manual locking of your door. Using the August mobile app, your door can lock or unlock itself automatically without the use of keys. It is a feature that is customizable. For instance, it allows you to set the lock to respond automatically after a certain period.

Activity log

The lock manufacturers understand how busy you are and they know that you cannot keep on monitoring the security of your home physically. That is why they ensure that you can do it even when you are away by making this smart lock compatible with other devices such as voice assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Warranty and set-up

August smart lock Yale deadbolt comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind and help you replace any defective parts conveniently. You will not have problems trying to set up this model on your door.


  • Has long lasting batteries
  • You can easily configure the auto-lock feature
  • It locks and unlocks smoothly


  • You need to buy the smart home hub separately to facilitate Wi-Fi connection
  • Some users report about jamming problems


Does the smart lock have a limit on the codes it can generate over time?

No. You can adjust the user codes as often you desire. When you connect the hub to the internet, you can even adjust the user codes remotely. Feel free to set scheduled codes for temporary guests.

What if the battery dies, can I still access my home?

Yes. The manufacturers include a keyed function for such situations. You can still use your keys to open the lock when your batteries die, or the smart lock fails to work effectively.

Can August smart lock Yale deadbolt work when I approach it with my phone?

You can lock or unlock your door automatically as long as you customize the settings on the auto lock feature. The proximity of your smartphone to your door does not determine how to control it.

I am new to smart locks, do I need to hire an expert to install this particular lock?

No. Both experienced users and newbies alike can install this lock on their doors within a few minutes. You only need to follow the available guidelines step by step to get it running.


From the above Augusts smart lock Yale deadbolt review, it is clear that this is not your typical lock. The inclusion of doorsense technology, auto lock function, touchscreen keypad and the use of user codes make it a superior lock that enhances home security. Purchase it today and forget about keys for good.