Change locks or Rekeying: Can you key spam a key lock to open?

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You have heard and seen master keys been used to open locks you are probably wondering, “ can you key spam a key lock to open?” this article will offer you crucial tips for this while discussing the various locks in the market.

I am a big fan of detective movies – particularly how they look for clues in unlikely places. This obsession has led to a sort of paranoia that someone might have a spam key somewhere and use it to gain entry into my apartment. I learned more about keys in my entire life when I accidentally dropped my apartment keys in a drainage block. I have a cylinder lock – did not know this before the incident – that has lasted me years. It is easy to turn,and I sleep comfortably knowing I am safe. I had to visit a locksmith living nearby to prepare a spare key instead of demolishing my lovely door and spending extra for a lock. Before you start using axes to gain entry to your house, it is prudent that you learn the various types of locks in the market.


These are the most common types of locks. Padlocks come in all manner of sizes and shapes. You open them through a key or combination codes. Only one key opens a particular padlock. Some padlocks retain the key when opening. Due to the many variations of padlocks available it is advisable to find one that is strong enough to withstand bolt cutters. Padlocksare often used for closing outside structures, grills and gates. You will rarely find the padlockbeing usedindoors. Padlocks can also be used to lock cabinets and backpacks. You can put all your padlock KeySmart organizer and save yourself the embarrassment of noisy keys.

Knob locks

You will often encounter this lock on most apartment doors. The knob houses the locking mechanism. You should not use the knob alone in an external door because thieves can gain entry into the house by simply smashing the knob. In most residential areas the knob locks is used with deadbolts.

knob locks


Deadbolts are often installed on external doors. The locks come in three primary varieties – single, double and thumbturn. With the single deadbolt, you both have a cylinder and thumbturn that locks and opens the door. You use a key to open the door from the outside. The disadvantage of this type is that one can gain access to the premises from inside and simply open the door. If you are worried about this, then we would recommend the double deadbolt that has the cylinder on both sides. You will need a key to open from the inside and outside.

Jimmy proof deadlocks

The lock is mounted on the surface of the door,and this makes it a good purchase for those who do not want to do any modifications to their doors. You cannot pull the lock apart because it locks with the jamb bracket. The downside is that since they only require a screw drill, you can easily pull them apart with a screwdriver. Most people who have jimmy proof deadlocks supplement the locking system with the rim cylinder for extra security.


There are various locks in the market. You need to carefully study the design of your door before making a purchase. Exterior locks and interior locks are different. The former need extra reinforcement to prevent a break in. Once you have your locks in place the next step is to identify a good keychain. This will prevent you from constantly misplacing your keys and prevents noisy keys. Losing keys can be frustrating,and that is why it is prudent to make multiple duplicates and store them in different places. Locksmiths can create for you a spam key whenever you lose your keys,but they first have to understand your locking system.

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