How the KeyBar glass breaker can save your life

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If one day you find yourself locked in your car without your car keys, this KeyBar glass breaker will come in handy. Like the name suggests this accessory is used to cut glass due to its sharp points.

Their things one purchase and wonders, “will I one day use this?” A fire extinguisher can remain locked up in the cabinet for years until one day there is a fire outbreak,and you realize how vital it is. The KeyBar glass breaker is another item that I unwillingly purchased only for it to turn out to be a lifesaver. My kids love pretending to be rally drivers,and over the weekend I often allow them to get a feel of driving. However, one day they went to the car without my supervision and locked themselves in. I was in distress with their numerous calls for help. I could not find my spare car keys. The glass breaker came in handy because I was able to cut a hole around the car windows and open the car door. I was relieved.

The right time to change locks

Faulty doors can be a cause of distress for many people. Many people assume that locks have an unlimited lifespan. They only change their locks whenever there is an emergency. However, locks do need regular maintenance and change. But, when is the right time change your locks?

change the lock

After a break in

This is often the most plausible many people change locks. After, thugs break into a house they leave the door in bad shape. It is difficult to go on leaving with the same locks before a break. The key lock system has been compromised,and you may need to upgrade your locks with more complicated ones.

Lost keys

It is recommended that you change your locks whenever you lose your keys. Your security is compromised because you never know who has access to the lost key. Which locks to replace will depend on whether they are indoors or exterior. If the lost key is for the main door then replace it immediately but if it is a lock of the bathroom or laundry room and there is no chance of outside interference you may choose to get a master key instead.

Worn out locks

Locks do not have an infinite lifespan. If you notice that the lock has wear and tear and it the door creaks a lot when opening then it is time to replace that lock. You can start by applying some lubricant on the hinges and locks but if the problem persists replace the lock as soon as possible to prevent being locked out of your own home.

New roommate

If you are sharing your apartment, it is wise to replace the main locks whenever you get a new tenant. You can never be sure what your leaving tenant has in mind – they may come announced. Ensure that you have backup copies of indoor rooms. Find a suitable KeySmart organizer to keep your keys.

Getting new house staff

Staffs often have access to most rooms in the house. While it is a good idea to give your babysitter or gardener a spare key, you should change locks the moment you fire one in bad terms. They could have duplicated the spare key and gain access to your house.


Changing locks for reasons mentioned above can seem tedious and expensive,but it is the only way to give you a peace of mind. It is also important to change the main locks whenever you move into a new house. It is not enough that you trust the old owners. Consult with your locksmith on the type of locks you need to install. The exterior door is the most important,and you should invest in a good quality lock. Other less visited rooms like laundry and washrooms may not need expensive locks because access is through the inside.