Chipolo card vs. Tile Slim –slim, but effective

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If the struggle of finding your keys and other personal items is familiar to you, then you can read this article – it might have the solution you are looking for.

If you are reading this article, then you might be wondering why technology has not improved the efficiency of looking for lost keys and other items. It is very inconveniencing when you lose these personal items, because replacing them is such a hassle, in addition to presenting a security risk. In this article, we examine two key finders to see the better long term option, the Chipolo Card and the Tile Slim.

What are the differences between Chipolo Card and Tile Slim? How do they compare?

Key finder model Chipolo Card Tile Slim
Dimensions (inches) 2.67 x 1.45 x 0.08 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.1
Maximum range 200 feet 160 feet
Battery type CR2025 CR2032
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Chipolo Card vs. Tile Slim – what are the differences?

Removable battery in the Chipolo

The Tile Slim has a major disadvantage that many Tile key finders seem to have – it lacks a removable battery.The disadvantage is offset though by the fact that it lasts for a whole year, which might make it a good option as well when considering long term cost-friendliness. On the other hand, the Chipolo card has a replaceable battery, which also lasts for a whole year.

Community feature vs. app

If you are using the Chipolo and the object in question is out of the range, you can use it in conjunction with the Community find feature to locate it. In addition, you can alert other Chipolo card users if you cannot get it. The Tile Slim does not have this, although it allows you to view the last known location through the app or through an extensive network of other Tile users.

Differences in the design

Even though the Tile Slim has a great design, it lacks a loop or hole that you can use to fit your key ring. Its water resistance is there as it has an IP5 rating, but that does not make it completely water resistant.

The Chipolo lacks a GPS built-in tracking system in the design, and this means that other users will be needed to track your items. This makes it difficult to use if your local area lacks Chipolo Card users, or the ones that are present are not trustworthy. The design is impressively slim, as it only measures 0.08 inches in its thickness. This makes it similar to that of your bank card, and allows you to store it easily in your backpack, wallet or purse.

Chipolo Card

chipolo card vs time slim

It is difficult to find a key finder with impressive ranges, but the Chipolo Card does not disappoint you at all. In fact, it happens to have one of the best ranges, ranging from almost 200 feet (60 meters) away. This range is quite impressive, even when compared to other key finders.

One of the major concerns as user may have is whether you can find your phone using the tracker when the phone is on silent mode – and the answer is yes. You only need to double press the button on the finder, and this will trigger the ringing mechanism in your phone; while you can use the web app to ring your phone, send messages, or find the device as well.


  • Affordable price
  • Cost effective renewal system
  • Thedesign is slim and stylish


  • Limited color options

Tile Slim

tile slim vs chipolo card

this has the record of being the thinnest Bluetooth key tracker ever, even capable of fitting inside passport holders, thin accessories, and wallets, all while remaining loud.

There is also the two-way finding search, which allows you to locate your phone when it gets lost or misplaced. While it is not as loud as the other Tile finders in the series, it does have a punch of its own while remaining budget-friendly.


  • Easily fits within your wallet or other accessories
  • Is very efficient at finding lost items
  • Has a Find your Phone function
  • The app is well designed


  • The battery is non-removable
  • Not as loud as other Tile trackers

Final thoughts

While our choice is not as easy to make due to the similar benefits each key has, the Chipolo Card key finder takes the win in our review. This is due to the stylish design that also incorporates a removable battery and a cost-effective renewal system, so it is more cost-effective for you in the long term.


What is a key finder?

This is a small electronic device, which you use to find misplaced key sets or lost items. This will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to find personal items or your keys, even as they do not give a lot of distraction.

How do you attach the keys to the finder?

The usual case is that the key finder will have a small opening that is circular in shape, and this is what you use to attach to your keys through the split ring of the chain. Certain key finders will also be flat in their shape, while others have a more curved or angular shape. Your ultimate choice will depend on the design of your keys as well.

How does the finder locate your keys? Is there GPS tracking involved?

Most the key finders you can get, if not all, will use the location service on your phone to locate your keys, and the location service needs GPS to work. The finder app creates a Bluetooth signal between the keys and phone, and then uses the location service to give you a map of the location.

When buying a key finder, can it be used to locate you?

Since it uses GPS, then yes. When buying the finder, it is good to check the privacy policy of the company so that your information does not get into the wrong hands. If this is the case, then a password can deter people from finding out your location, or choosing to buy radio signal key finders instead of Bluetooth key finders.