Chipolo Plus vs. Tile Sport –what is the better long term pick?

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Finding lost items like keys is always a struggle, and you may wonder why technology has not stepped in to solve the problem. Well, with the introduction of Bluetooth key finders, you may not need to worry any more.

One struggle many people seem to have is misplacing keys, and you may have gone through it yourself. For instance, you might leave the keys in a certain corner of your house, but forget they were there – and later leaves you in a panic trying to look for them. If this frustration seems familiar, that is where the key finders come in. In this article, we look at two popular key finders and see the better buy, at least for the long term.

What are the differences between the Chipolo Plus and Tile Sport? How do they compare?

Finder model Chipolo Plus Tile Sport
Dimensions (inches) 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.18
Battery Not replaceable Not replaceable
Range 66 feet 200 feet
Volume 100 dB 88 dB
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Chipolo Plus vs. Tile Sport – What are the differences?

Convenient replacements

Both models share the similarity of having non-replaceable batteries, which is a significant disadvantage. However, the Tile Sport combats this problem through the re Tile program from the company, which allows you to buy subsequent models at a discounted price when you replace them. The mobile app will also send you alerts when the time for replacement comes.

The Chipolo Plus does not have exactly the same program, which could be a deal breaker even with all the benefits it offers.


The Chipolo Plus is great, but it has a shorter range compared to previous models, with maximum distances going up to 100 feet. the Tile Sport though, has impressive ranges compared to previous Tile trackers, having ranges of 200 feet at most – and combined with the volume, makes it worth a try of you are looking for a tracker that covers larger distances efficiently.

Even though the battery is not replaceable, there is a reTile program from the company, which allows you to buy subsequent models at a discounted price when you replace them. The mobile app will also send you alerts when the time for replacement comes.


The volumes that are between these two may not seem like much – but when considering the effectiveness, the Chipolo Plus has a lower volume level that might not help much when the distance is too far. It compensates for this through the crowd finding feature though.

Chipolo Plus

Chipolo Plus vs. Tile Sport

This has the reputation as the ‘loudest Bluetooth tracker ever’, you might wonder whether it actually lives up to the reputation it holds.It is difficult to find a key finder with impressive ranges, but the Chipolo Plus does not disappoint you at all. It also works with the loud alarm to increase its efficiency.

The finder also has a mobile app that eases the process of managing the finder. One of the major concerns as user may have is whether you can find your phone using the tracker when the phone is on silent mode – and the answer is yes. You only need to double press the button on the finder, and this will trigger the ringing mechanism in your phone; while you can use third party assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa), as well as the web app (both for iOS and Android) to ring your phone, send messages, or find the device.


  • Water resistance
  • The range is decent
  • Alarm is loud and good


  • Limited color options

Tile Sport

Chipolo Plus vs. Tile Sport

This is part of the new series of key finders in the Tile series, the other being the Tile Style. Coming in an attractive design and enhanced hardware, it easily performs better than most key finders.

Having an IP68 rating, it can withstand submersion in 1.5m deep water for up to 30 minutes, which is a significant improvement from the other Tile key finders. The range goes up to 200 feet, and the alert volume is significantly louder than previous versions – even as you use it with the iOS or Android app.


  • The finder has a great design
  • Alarm is loud
  • The range is significantly improved
  • Has a two-way finding feature


  • Pricey

Final thoughts

Both these key finders have their merits, although we find that the Tile Sport edges out the Chipolo Plus in terms of value for money. It has a bigger distance range, as well as the two-way finding feature is a great advantage.


What is a key finder?

This is a small electronic device, which you use to find misplaced key sets or lost items. This will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to find personal items or your keys, even as they do not give a lot of distraction.

How do you attach the keys to the finder?

The usual case is that the key finder will have a small opening that is circular in shape, and this is what you use to attach to your keys through the split ring of the chain. Certain key finders will also be flat in their shape, while others have a more curved or angular shape. Your ultimate choice will depend on the design of your keys as well.

How does the finder locate your keys? Is there GPS tracking involved?

Most the key finders you can get, if not all, will use the location service on your phone to locate your keys, and the location service needs GPS to work. The finder app creates a Bluetooth signal between the keys and phone, and then uses the location service to give you a map of the location.

When buying a key finder, can it be used to locate you?

Since it uses GPS, then yes. When buying the finder, it is good to check the privacy policy of the company so that your information does not get into the wrong hands. If this is the case, then a password can deter people from finding out your location, or choosing to buy radio signal key finders instead of Bluetooth key finders.