Chipolo vs. Tile Pro – the battle for dependability

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The struggle of losing keys and other important items is real. If you have struggled in the past to find your keys or keep your items in order, read on.

Having a key finder is a great solution to a problem many of us find hard to admit we go through – losing keys and other important personal items. However, getting a proper key finder is often a difficult process, especially when you do not know exactly what to look for.

In this article, we look at two popular keys finders, the Chipolo vs. Tile Pro, contrast their attributes, and see which one is worth spending your money on.

What are the differences between Chipolo and Tile Pro? How do they compare?

Key finder model Chipolo Tile Pro
Dimensions (inches) Card – 1.45 x 2.67 x 0.08

Classic – 1.38 x 0.2

Plus – 1.45 x 0.23

1.6 x 1.6 x 0.26
Tracking volume 92 – 100 dB 88 dB
Maximum Range (listed) 196 feet 150 to 160 feet
Battery type CR2025 CR2032
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Chipolo vs. Tile Pro – What are the differences?

Community find in the Chipolo

The Chipolo finder has the Community search feature, which you can use to mark lost items and hope that other Chipolo users can locate the item and give it back to you. The app also allows you to share your Chipolo, which can be useful if the items in question also belong to your family. On the other hand, the Tile Pro has the feature, although it is significantly stronger than the Chipolo, while also combining the two-way finding search function.

Integration of third-party services

The Tile Pro promises to integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, even allowing you to create a Siri shortcut for those times you want to find your keys. However, the Chipolo unfortunately cannot integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant – although the developers are working on changing this.

Better features in the Tile

One of the major problems all Tile products seem to have is the replaceable battery, which many of them lack, however, the Tile Pro takes care of this problem, as well as handling the boost in audio quality and range very well. The battery is also easy to replace, unlike what you would get in many other key finder models, which is a major plus.

While the Chipolo handles the app excellently and makes it easy to integrate with your items, the other features do not seem to be as strong as the Tile Pro. One major instance is battery replacement, which is a major issue in the Chipolo, even though it is replaceable.


Chipolo vs. Tile Pro

This is a small tag that uses Bluetooth and you can attach it to your items to help you find them, through connecting your phone through the Bluetooth service. It also has a two-way finding feature that you can use to find your phone.

There are several products in the Chipolo series, which are the Classic, Card, and Plus. All of these are easy to set up,


  • The app is full of useful features
  • Affordable
  • Volume is loud
  • You can get it in a thin wallet version and in different colors


  • Lacks 3rd party integration
  • The Plus & Card are sealed

Tile Pro

Chipolo vs. Tile Pro

In the world of key finders, the reputation of Tile is a great one – and it all is thanks to their reputation for great durability and performance. This has made them highly popular even when compared to competitor trackers. The Tile Pro is particularly good if you are searching for a finder with amazing range and great alert system.

You will be disappointed to find the resistance to water is quite low though, so you can submerge them in water and expect them to come out unscathed.


  • The battery is replaceable
  • Has a two-way find feature
  • Alarm is loud
  • Very good range
  • You do not need a Tile Premium subscription to get the benefits


  • Pricey
  • Lacks water resistance
  • Needs work on the Optional Smart alerts

Final thoughts

While both of these are excellent options for tracking your keys and other items such as your phone, it seems like a difficult choice to make when choosing the best. However, the Tile Pro slightly edges out the Chipolo, thanks to the loud volume, very strong crowdfinding feature and the fact that you can get all its benefits without necessarily having a premium subscription.


What is a key finder?

This is a small electronic device, which you use to find misplaced key sets or lost items. This will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to find personal items or your keys, even as they do not give a lot of distraction.

How do you attach the keys to the finder?

The usual case is that the key finder will have a small opening that is circular in shape, and this is what you use to attach to your keys through the split ring of the chain. Certain key finders will also be flat in their shape, while others have a more curved or angular shape. Your ultimate choice will depend on the design of your keys as well.

How does the finder locate your keys? Is there GPS tracking involved?

Most the key finders you can get, if not all, will use the location service on your phone to locate your keys, and the location service needs GPS to work. The finder app creates a Bluetooth signal between the keys and phone, and then uses the location service to give you a map of the location.

When buying a key finder, can it be used to locate you?

Since it uses GPS, then yes. When buying the finder, it is good to check the privacy policy of the company so that your information does not get into the wrong hands. If this is the case, then a password can deter people from finding out your location, or choosing to buy radio signal key finders instead of Bluetooth key finders.