How a Keychain with nail clippers keeps you well groomed

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Your nails need to be kept short and neat so that they do not harbor dirt. A keychain with nail clippers helps users groom their nails while traveling.

I use the metro for my daily commute to work. The trip takes an average of 20 minutes. It is often a great time to dig deep into my thoughts and engage in some meditation. I also relish observing people during this time. There those who will do some reading, listen to music, others fidget with their hair and there those who get into my nerves who are busy cutting their nails with their teeth.

Do you know the amount of dirt that hides under your nails? Clipping them with your teeth transfers all that dirt to your mouth. No wonder people are always complaining of stomachaches. I used to be like that until I found this cool keychain with nail clippers. Now my keys are safe while at the same time I can engage in some grooming exercises while on the metro.


Some other cool key chain accessories that you can try out

The keychain has become more than a tool for carrying keys to a cool accessory. While key chains where bulky and unattractive, various innovations have led to the creation of various designs with functionality in mind.

Keychain with flashlight

Stuck with a flat tire at night or experiencing blackouts at home, keychains with flashlights have you sorted. They are lightweight and produce a powerful LED light. They also do not need frequent recharging due to the efficient LED lighting system that uses less power.

Keychain with breathalyzer

Drunk driving is hazardous. You might get a DUI or knock an innocent bystander. If you do not want to get into trouble after a crazy night out with the boys, then you need to get yourself a personal breathalyzer. You can take a test at the local pub and know when you are approaching the drinking limit.

Bottle Opener

Having a bottle opener comes in handy when you have guests in the house or are at the local pub,and the waiters are busy. Instead of waiting for the only available opener just use your keychain bottle opener.

Smartphone charger

If you have a crucial call that you need to make but are low on battery power, then a key chain that has a charger will sort you during the emergency before you can find an electric socket. The key chain chargers do not carry a lot of charge but are lifesavers for emergency calls.

Keychain with an elongated small knife

This is probably the most common extension to key chains. The small knife can be used for cutting small ropes and cables. The knife easily folds into its socket and is often made from stainless steel material.

USB keychain

Gone are the days when you needed to carry a bulky hard disk for data storage. USBs are versatile and lightweight while still having larger disk capacities than old hard disks. USB key chains come in various designs and shapes. They offer users the convenience of carrying their data with them at all times.

Charging cables

We have become a society that walks around with multiple gadgets. Charging cables enable you to charge your devices through USB while on the move; you can also transfer data from your laptop to smartphone.

Final thoughts

Technological innovations have led to the development of cool key chain accessories. These accessories are lightweight and help users during emergencies. Users need to first identify their unique needs before going shopping for a keychain. If you have multiple gadgets accessories like USB and phone chargers will come in handy when making calls with little charge. Campers will find key chains with small knives, lighters, openers or flashlights handy during camping expeditions.