How do you use NFC on Yubikey

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Yubikey was developed to keep your information confident, private and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands while maintaining ease of use at the same time. How do you use the NFC on Yubikey? Read this article to find out

Hi, I’m Pete, a sociable social worker that loves spending time with my colleagues. We work for a non-profit organisation and have to share a room due to limited resources. I love working with my colleagues but I hate the fact that I do not get enough privacy for my personal stuff. I use my laptop for both work and home, which makes it somehow personal. In the past, anyone could have access no matter how much I changed the password. Since I got the yubikey, I have been able to keep my personal things private. Even when I forget to sign off and shut down the computer, the yubikey does that for me as I’m walking away.

Below is how you can use NFC on Yubikey

how to use NFC on Yubikey


The FIDO U2F is an open authentication system that enables strong two factor authentication to web based applications that are of near field communication. This standard works with applications like Google apps, Gmail, Twitter and other web services. As long as the services do not need client software, any form of external drivers and will work through currently updated browsers, they are good to go.  The FIDO U2F and NFC have some of the best advantages; these services offer a strong sense of security are easy to use and let you control and chose your identity. We could say this is one of the most affordable

The Yubikey one time password and NFC

The one time password offers one of the strongest security systems from yubikey. The security is nearly unbreakable. The yubikey works to generate an encrypted one-time password that can be used only once. The people around you who may have access to your computer or phone will not be able to crack the password. At every moment, anyone who wants access to your devices will need to have direct access to the yubikey in order to unlock the password; here is where the NFC comes in.

The challenge and response features with NFC

This is the perfect feature to keep all your documents safe and secure from people who can easily access it at home and in the work place. It is very popular in office validations. It works well to keep your Mac, windows and Linux computer logins safe and secure. With the NFC, it will play a part to ensure web apps are locked.

The NFC works with static passwords

The yubikey has the ability to create to generate a long static password that may have up to 30 characters and more. The password that is generated will automatically be compatible with all your logins. One great advantage is, the system can also be used with web applications or other systems that do not allow a two factor authentication. It is available on the latest yubikey makes. The NFC will help the webs detect the passwords when your yubikey is near the device.

OATH – HOTP event and the NFC

As stated, the yubikey has the ability to generate a long character password which can be used as a one -time password. You can also use it to log into any services that can support OATH – HOPT. Some of the main web applications that can support these services include the Drop box, Google accounts, Gmail, Twitter and other web based applications. The password is generated at intervals of mostly 30 minutes, and you will use the NFC to access the applications or websites on your devices.

What you should do when you are experiencing some problems with NFC on yubikey

When you are experiencing connectivity issues on when using the NFC features on your yubikey, you should reset or troubleshoot the software. Always check the basic yubikey reset before carrying forward with the NFC reset. The first step you should take is check out whether the NFC features on your phone settings is enabled. A heavy phone case may interfere with the connection so ensure you take it out before you begin the process.

The next step is to place your yubikey over the NFC reader that is located on your smart phone. If you are unsure of its location, you should do a simple Google search on your PC to find the location of the NFC antennae on your phone model. Do not move the yubikey for a couple of minutes until you hear confirmation tone from the phone. If it’s been too long and you do not hear any noise from the phone, try repeating the steps. In some cases, the phone will produce a confirmation tone but the authentication will fail. In this case, run a full scan and submit it to the support for further enquiries.


If you love your privacy, trust me, this is the best decision you can make. The yubikey works with the near filed communication to ensure your device or web applications are locked every time you are walking away from the pc or smart phone. The long password characters and changes ensure that no-one will be able to hack into your system that easily.