How theAugust Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock (Dark Grey) Works with Alexa… She is one SMART Cookie

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If you are a smart lock user who has not wrapped their head around Alexa and what all the excitement about her is all about, this post is for you. It will help you understand how theAugust Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock (Dark Grey) Works with Alexa.

I work for my uncle who has been the most trusted locksmith in town for as long as I can remember. He is not the most tech savvy guy in the world. I need to help him understand Alexa and how it works with the Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation lock.

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SMART home technology is a contemporary technology which uses interconnected devices to automate and monitor systems in a home. SMART Stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. A consumer report carried out in 2012 showed that 50% of American homeowners wanted a wireless security system and 40% would buy home security cameras. It is this need that August Inc. has met with its automated door locks.

The August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock (Dark Grey) works with Alexa making it a dream come true for security conscious home owners.

What is Alexa?

Amazon Alexa or Alexa as it is commonly referred to is a software agent which is used to operate various SMART devices using verbal commands. In the automated home security space, Alexa allows you to operate the lock by giving verbal commands, whether at the door or remotely.

Alexa’s Skills

Alexa comes with a set of built-in capabilities which are referred to as ‘skills.’ Common skills are provision of weather forecasts, answering queries from Wikipedia and playing music. Linking your August smart lock to Alexa means you are adding your lock operations as a skill.

August provides the Alexa Smart Home Skill through which you can operate your August locks with a simple voice command. When you say for instance “Alexa, unlock the front door,” Alexa asks you to provide your voice PIN code before she executes the task.

How to Install your August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock

Installing your August smart lock is a simple DIY process which typically takes about ten minutes. All you need to do is follow instructions provided on the August website. Here is the process.

  1. Remove the screws from your old deadbolt
  2. Remove the thumb latch
  3. Line up the mounting plate provided by August with your existing deadbolt
  4. Re-attach the screws from your old deadbolt.
  5. Attach the compatible adaptor to the back of your August smart lock
  6. Lift the two wing latches on either side of the August smart lock
  7. Place the smart lock over your old deadbolt and press the two wing latches down.

How to Link your August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock to Alexa

When you have successfully installed your August smart lock, you can now link it to the virtual assistant, Alexa. Here is how to do it.

  1. Log into the Alexa App
  2. Click on the navigation menu
  3. Select ‘skills’
  4. Search for August
  5. Click on August Smart Home
  6. Fill in your August account details and log in to enable the skill

Alexa’s Wake word

Alexa is activated by what Amazon calls a ‘wake word.’The pre-set wake word ‘wakes’ Alexa to start listening and recording your instruction when you start speaking. Alexa’s ear is in the form of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. It’s a standalone Bluetooth speaker with several in-built audio sensors which pick up on your voice whenever you say the wake word and proceed to give an instruction. A service called Alexa Voice Services (AVS) processes the recording of your voice and converts it into a command. Common wake words are ‘Alexa’, ‘Echo’, ‘Computer’ or ‘Amazon.’ This way your Echo does not listen and record every time you speak. It only does so when you ‘wake it up.’

It is irrefutable that smart lock systems have made life a whole lot easier when it comes to security and given home owners a peace of mind they never knew. However, there are a few instances when you might wish you had stuck to the old-fashioned deadbolt and key system.

If you lose your phone or if the battery is dead:It’s amazingly convenient to be able to operate your smart locks using your phone since it’s the one thing you have with you all the time. What happens if your battery dies when you are at work and you need to activate a digital key to let your guest in the house?

Can your data be misused? Your Alexa enabled smart lock collects data which is connected to your Amazon account. This data which indicates your address, details of when you leave home and when you get back. Considering the system is not totallyhack-proof, this information in the wrong hands could be a serious security concern.


Fumbling for keys when you get home or leaving house keys under the flower vase for your loved ones to gain access to the house is now a thing of the past. August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Lock (Dark Grey) Works with Alexa to give you a keyless life. It also works as your very own private doorman because it unlocks the door when you approach and automatically locks it when you leave.


Do I need to pay a monthly subscription to use Alexa?

No, there is no fee charged for using Alexa.  You get access to free services like Pandora, tunein, and iheart radio. There are some services available in the tap which you need to pay for such as Sportify but you don’t have to use them.

Should I discard my keys when I install the August Smart lock?

No. You can still use your keys with the August smart lock. It is designed such that you can use your keys on the old-fashioned deadbolt from the outside, and turn the August lock from the inside. From the outside you can also open the door using your phone.

What is August Connect?

August Connect is a Wi-Fi bridge used by the smart lock to connect to the device then relay signals to the cloud using the available Wi-Fi network. The August Connect device is plugged into a power outlet somewhere near the lock and connected to the Wi-Fi network using the August mobile application.

Must I have Wi-Fi to use Alexa?

You must have access to a Wi-Fi connection when you are setting up. It is needed to be able to pair devices. After that is done, you can use your device as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi.

 How can I change the batteries in my August Smart lock?

Press the faceplate and turn it anticlockwise. This loosens the battery cover enough to remove it. Pull the ribbon to remove the 4 AA batteries and replace them with new ones.