What You Need To Know About Your August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation Battery Life – How Long Does It Last?

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If you are considering investing in an August lock but are hesitant because of what you have heard about the August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation battery life, take a few minutes to read this post. It will help get you closer to a final decision.

I have been a dealer of household fixtures and fittings in my city for about 10 years. I was excited at the volume of sales I made on the August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation lock. Now a year down the road, I have received very different responses from my clients about the unit’s battery life and efficiency. I need to understand how users of the same product could have such varied feedback.

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Yes, the August smart lock pro 3rd generation lock is battery powered. It uses 4 standard alkaline AA batteries. These are supposed to last about three months though users have reported greatly varied battery life. Some as little as a couple of weeks and others as long as 7 months. Variations may be based on frequency of use, improper installation of the lock and condition of the existing deadbolt used alongside the smart lock. If the smart lock is correctly installed then there will be little need to pull, push or lift the door which may drain out the battery faster. A faulty or sticky deadlock would also cause extra drain on the battery.

It is interesting to note differences in battery lifeof batteries used with the 3 generations of August smart pro locks. With proper installation and average use, batteries are expected to last about 6 months in the first generation lock, 3 months in the second generation one and 6 months in both 3rd generation locks.

How Do You Know When Your Lock Batteries Need Replacement?

Even with an average length of battery life in mind, depending on whether you have the first, second or third generation August smart pro lock, you need some kind of alert right?

The lock will warn you when the batteries are running low in two different ways.

  1. A red flashing light on the lock
  2. You will receive a notification from the August app on your phone

Some users (not all) have reported receiving an email with the same waning.

You should have enough time to replace the batteries once the red light begins to flash and the notification is sent. The downside is that the warning does not tell you exactly how much battery power is left or give you an indication of how much time you have until it dies out completely.

How to Replace Your Batteries

It is important to remove and replaceall four batteries at the same time.

Here is a step-by-step guideon how to replace your August smart pro lock batteries.

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding the top part of the unit’s front face up
  2. There is a gray tab on the right corner. You may pull this tab to make them pop out, or pull them out one be one.
  3. Discard all four of the old batteries and replace with four standard non- rechargeable alkaline batteries.
  4. Ensure that the battery tab is neatly tucked behind the batteries
  5. Follow the positive and negative end indications shown on the inside of the battery compartment. (The positive side (+) of the two bottom batteries should be on left while the positive side of the top two should be on the right)

You should hear a slight beeping sound when the batteries are properly placed.

  1. Slide the faceplate back onto the lock and ensure you hear a click to confirm it is in place.

 How to Get the Most Efficient Service from Your August Smart Lock Battery

With complaints about short August Smart Lock Pro 3rd generation battery life, some users say they switched from alkaline batteries to lithium batteriesand experienced significantly longer battery life. It would seem that that is the solution right?  No, it’s not. According to theAugust support team, you may just be compounding your problem. The support team strongly advises against use of lithium batteries or extended life alkaline batteries. They insists on standard alkaline batteries only. Using any other kind of battery could cause the lock to fail to give you the red light alert and notification through the app when battery power is running low. If it doesn’t do this, it will probably send you notifications indicating that the battery is low when there is still a lot of power left in them. The problem then becomes that you never really know when to believe notifications from the app and could easily get locked out of your own house when the batteries eventually die.

 Final Thoughts

Battery life and general battery efficiency is a crucial part of overall user satisfaction. A short -lived dead battery or a faulty one will only cause you frustration. Though we cannot totally rule out the possibility that the company may have supplied less than full batteries with some of its units, August Smart Lock Pro 3rd generation battery life issues are usually as a result of errors made by the user. When you encounter battery related problems, be sure to contact the August support team for assistance.


What is more secure, fingerprints or passwords?

Fingerprints. The chances that two people’s fingerprints would look similar are about 1:50,000. Impossible really. It’s a lot easier to steal a person’s password than to steal their fingerprint.

Must I have a separate August Connect for each lock?

Yes. The Connect only works with one August lock. If you want remote access to additional locks, you must have a Connect for each.

 Is August Smart Lock Z Wave?

Yes. August is the first S2 Z-Wave Plus smart lock to be certified by Z-Wave Alliance. To connect an August Smart Lock Pro to a Z-Wave hub which uses S2 security protocol, enter a 5 digit key which is specific to your August smart lock.

How can I calibrate my August smart lock?

After setting up the lock

  1. Go to Lock settings and click on Calibrate Lock
  3. Follow all instructions until the lock and DoorSense are fully calibrated.
  4. Open and close the door to validate accuracy of the door state

Does the August smart lock work well in all weather conditions?

The lock has been tested in extreme weather conditions but is not intended for outdoor use.