How to repair stuck KeySmart Organizer key

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The most frustrating thing you can experience with your lock and key is system is going home and being unable to open your door because your KeySmart Organizer key is stuck in the keyhole. We show you want to do next.

Picture this…

You have just left the office at around You are tired and can’twait to get home, hit the shower and then have a hot glass of chocolate milk under the covers with your favorite TV show. Your boyfriend gifted you this cool KeySmart organizer, and you have all your keys there plus some handy tools. You try your apartment key,and there is some resistance. Then you check again to ensure that you are trying the right key,but nothing happens. You panic. Things turn to the worse when the key breaks inside the keyhole.

This happened to me. I almost slept outside my apartment had it not been for my neighbor who saw the commotion and came to my rescue. The experience also taught me some practical tips that am going to share with you on how to repair keyed locks.

Ensure it is the right key

When you are in a hurry or tired,it is common to use the wrong key to gain entrance. If it is dark, you may want to turn on the flashlight and ensure you have the right key. Struggling with the wrong key not only wastes your precious time but it can contribute to a faulty lock.


Broken Key

Having a broken key can be frustrating for many people. You simply can get it out unless you have some needle pose pliers. Since the pointed parts of the pliers are slim, they can easily be used on the keyhole to extract the broken key. A thin wire can also work,but you may be forced to dismantle the lock first. Once the broken key is out, you can use a master key to gain entrance. A good locksmith can repair the broken key,and you will not notice the difference.

Lubricate lock

You may want to start with spraying the lock with some graphite. Tumblers with time get filled with dirt and other debris,and spray graphite helps remove them. You can try the lock after this.

If your lock is jammed during winter, heat your key with a candle or lighter,and it will melt the ice inside the keyhole.

New key

If your lock is new, you may have some problems opening the door. A quick remedy for this is to pass the key through a candle flame until some soot appears on the key surface. Use a file on areas of the key with a shiny surface. Repeat this process until the key easily locks and unlocks.

Dissemble lock

If the key still does not work, remove the lock from the door and disassemble it. Inside the lock ensure that the cam properly engages the bolt. Use some graphite spray to lubricate the moving parts of the lock. Before putting your lock back into place ensure that the key is properly working. Also, ensure that there are no lose or broken parts.


Keyed locks are a cause of distress for many people. You may find yourself in a situation where the key won’t open. Instead of destroying your door you can try to lubricate the lock with some spray graphite. This should make it easier for the movable parts of the lock. New keys are often problematic when you first start using,and a little filling will go a long way in ensuring the key perfectly fits. If your key gets broken inside the keyhole use,some needle posed pliers to extract the key. There is no need to throw away your broken key as most locksmith can reattach it. If all fails, remove the lock from the door and dismantle it. Ensure that the cam locks into the bolt, spray the movable parts with some graphite before putting it back.