Key ninja review – a key holder with a Swiss knife mindset

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It is a normal thing to take your keys everywhere with you, and that is a good thing because it helps you have some piece of mind. However, if you have a lot of keys, it can become an eyesore to carry them around – not to mention that the keychain becomes super heavy and burdensome to carry. In this article, we investigate one of the key chains in existence – the key ninja review – and see whether this is the answer you have been waiting for.

If you are the owner of many keys that have different purposes, it can become an eyesore to carry them around. They even tear your pockets apart (as it happened to us once), and being a pain to carry around. It is understandable that you want to break them down into smaller key chains, but what if you utilize a different method to solve the issue? Here is our take on the Key Ninja, so read on to find out if we recommend this product to you.

What is the Key ninja all about?

This is a key chain that helps you organize all your keys in the way a Swiss knife would, so that it prevents them from sticking out of your pocket every time you carry them around.

key ninja review



Even though it has a slim design, it can expand its size and fit in up to 30 house keys (of standard size). This is among the most we have seen even when comparing with other key reviews, and makes the Key Ninja a standout when comparing it with similar items.

However, this does not mean the entire keychain will be sticking out of your pocket unnecessarily – the design is a compact one and fits in with any pocket without the risk of expanding it or tearing it apart.Just note one thing though – the extender pieces are found at the bottom of your package whe2n you buy it, so do not throw them away.


One of the factors that we noticed in this Key Ninja review and what sets it apart is the multi-purpose nature it has. Because of this, it is among the most functional key organizers you can get.

One of the items it includes is a dual set of LED lights, which helps you see what you are unlocking. In addition, it also includes an integrated S-hook that allows you to attach your car keys (since they obviously cannot fit into the standard set), and a built-in bottle opener for obvious reasons.

Durable construction

The entire key chain is made from plastic and aluminum, which ensures durability and long lasting service. The aluminum is also resistant to rust, and keeps your keys safer for longer. In addition, the lower part of the key chain is made from stainless steel, so you can relax in its strength and durability.

Great design

Thanks to its design, you can choose to put the key chain in your pocket or hang it on your belt loop. Regardless of where you prefer to keep them, the keys will not make that annoying clunking sound you always want to avoid, making you more comfortable as you move with them.


  • Good for those carrying very many keys
  • Functional
  • Convenient to use


  • The LED lights do not last for very long
  • The keys can occasionally come loose

Final thoughts

Basing our conclusion on the information we get from the Key Ninja review, this key chain is a great set when it comes to utility – because it helps you organize your keys neatly (especially if you have very many keys). However, the flimsy lights might discourage you from buying, although these are a minor issue.