Keydisk review – an worthy answer to the question of minimalism

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If you are like us, you definitely know the pain that comes with carrying so many keys. It gets even worse if you tend to be forgetful, and you need a key chain that can help you to organize your life even better. That is why we write up this Keydisk review, based on our experiences with the product itself – and whether it is worth a try.

If you need a simple but never-ending classic idea for a gift, then it would have to be a key holder. These utilitarian items help you to organize your life, and make it easier for you to carry your keys around without the usual tirades – pockets tearing apart, bulkiness, and annoying noises. Read on to find out why Keydisk is a good choice for you.

What is Keydisk?

If minimalism is your thing, then you are in luck when it comes to getting key organizers; especially with what we have seen in the Keydisk review.

The company is still a small one, with its history dating back to 2013 on Kickstarter. This makes it one of the recent offerings in the sector, and one that is exclusively crowd funded. The aim of the company is to make products that have unique designs and high quality components, while the customer service is not left behind.


Some of the important features to note include:

Minimalistic design

According to this Keydisk review, we see that all the key holders in their range have this element in common. This makes it the best tool to help you store all your keys conveniently, while getting rid of bulkiness – a major pet peeve when it comes to the conventional key ring.

Thanks to their design (including anodized aluminum), it can fit in your front pocket easily. That also means that its compact size will not tear your pockets apart or make your pockets feel heavy, which is a major problem of the conventional key ring storage (and part of the reason why we tend to have multiple key chains for different keys). It also happens to be lightweight as well, weighing only 1.2oz.


 Easy to assemble

The design allows the Keydisk to hold up to ten keys, even with extra parts included. In fact, you do not even need specialized tools anymore, as there are custom keysmart extenders in case you want to attach extra keys that you have.

Extra compatibility

One of the many reasons why we notice the great design elements in this Keydisk review has to do with the added compatibility it has – even with external tools and items. This is because of the key fob holder, which can also be utilized as a bottle opener.

You can also supplement it with items such as a lanyard, key ring (if you want to), car keys, and keychain – all to add utility to the product. You can even attach it to your belt loop, thanks to the carabiner clip.

Risk free purchasing

Part of what makes this product impressive is the level of customer service that you get. Thanks to the crowd funding initiatives, customer satisfaction is the highest priority, and that includes the money back guarantee in case it does not deliver.


  • Great design, and functions well
  • Keys do not come loose, even if they are many
  • Easy to use


  • It is hard to set up all the keys
  • Tends to take standard sized keys only


If you are seeking minimalism in your key set, then hopefully this Keydisk review will help you on that front. However, it may not work for you if you have many keys that are outside the standard range in their size – so you need to consider that as well.