Keychain Chargers: One of the best keychain Alternative

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Keychain come with various accessory tools. Having a charger is one of the best keychain alternatives because it enables you to get that essential charge to make important phone calls when your phone battery dies.

My name is Brian. I am a sales representative with an Insurance brokerage firm. My line of work ensures that I am constantly on my phone. There are two things that terrifyme when working – missing my sales quota and having no charge while in the middle of million dollar deal. I am aggressive and passionate about what I do,and this solves the first problem – in fact, am poised to get an award for the best sales agent in my department. I solved the second problem when a friend introduced me to these cool charger key chains. They are lightweight – which comes in handy cause am always on the move, they also have enough charge to enable me to confirm a deal.

How do keychain chargers and power banks work?

One key benefit of a keychain is that you can attach it on your backpack, belt or carry it around on one of your fingers. You can get one with charging cables,and all you need is connect one end to your device and the other to your laptop. This will give you enough charge that should last your next call.


If you want to lack a device to charge your phone the next best keychain alternative would be a keychain power bank. The keychain power banks are small in size with an average output of 500mAH. A USB cable comes with the device,and all you need to do is ensure that you fully charge the power bank when leaving home. Once you run out of charge connect your phone to the USB cable and you can even continue talking while your phone charges. A metallic ring on the keychain lets you add all your essential keys.

When you carefully observe your keychain power bank, you will notice that there is a socket for receiving power. You can either connect it to your laptop or dedicated socket line. The latter is faster.The power output of the power bank will determine the time it takes to be fully charged. Those used for charging phones take the same time as a regular smartphone. You can observe how much charge a power bank by looking at the LED lights on display. They also act as a safety net to protect the power bank from overcharging and overheating.

The life span of most power banks also varies but expect to use your key chain power bank for 1 and half years. Most of the power banks are developed from Lithium – Ion batteries. Thisis cheap and can handle little mAh. There is some form of charge loss as you charge your phone and this means it is not 100% efficient. But, it helps you make that crucial call before you find a charging source.

The market for keychain chargers and power banks is flooded with various creatively designed products. Most companies brand this as promotional items,and you can distinguish them by the company’s logo. When shopping for a keychain power bank ensure that it is not bulky. Factor in the weight of additional keys. Also be on the lookout for power banks that deliver more power and require less time to charge.

Final thoughts

There are many keychain alternatives,but the Power bank and USB charger come in handy because people are constantly on their phones. Smartphones have moved from being used for calls and messages tokey accessories for e-transactions and payments. Getting stuck with no charge when you have an emergency call can be catastrophic. With your portable keychain power bank and USB charger you are assured of a normal life even in areas with no electricity.