KeySmart rugged options: Will future locks make them obsolete

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Technology has brought into our lives some cool gadgets. The key and lock is being replaced by biometrics and Wi-Fi locks. Should you still keep your KeySmart rugged options?

Technology is has brought into our homes various smart gadgets. Today I can control my fridge or microwave through my smartphone; they call it the Internet of Things. I hadbeen forced to change my existing key and lock system and upgraded it to biometric locks. With the addition of CCTV, I can now monitor who walks into our doorstep and choose whether to grant them access or not from my laptop or phone. Now, I feel more secure. While we have been using locks for the last 1000 years, things have changed so much in the last decade that many are wondering whether this is the last time we are going to see of the key and lock system.

Wi-Fi enabled locks

Wi-Fi connections have been the craze around the world. With Wi-Fi, you can access the internet from your smart phone and download large files. It is with this in mind that various companies have developed smart door locks. With the system, you do not need to worry about leaving your garage door open or carrying many keys. The doors are easy to install,and with multiple manufacturers entering the market the costs have gone down. You set up the security system through an email account. Automatic locking of the door means saying goodbye to unlocked doors. The smart lock uses batteries,so you do not need to worry about being locked out due to power blackouts.

Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprints locks as the name suggest grant access individuals based on their fingerprints. Once you purchase the lock, you create a template of user fingerprints. The locks are very secure,but challenges relating to the power supply can find one being locked out of their house. There is also the risk of burglars making molds of fingerprints and using them to gain access to the house. Due to this security challenges, most fingerprint locks often have a key and lock system as a backup. These means you will still need to explore various KeySmart ragged options. With the tool, you can still access crucial tools like bottle openers, USB cables, scissors or flash disks.


Smart card locking system

You have probably encountered these types of locks whenever you visit a high-end hotel. Instead of being issued with a key you get a plastic card with an electronic chip. Once you swipe the card, the locking system recognizes it,and this unlocks the door. The advantage of this system is that one does not need to carry keys with them – the card easily fits in your wallet or handbag. Since there are no keys,the risk of duplicate or master keys is eliminated. The smart card locking system is more expensive than traditional key and lock systems. The system is also not foolproof as burglars have become sophisticated with time. For added security, you can have the smart card and key and lock system.


While most people have embraced technology in their security systems, these are not foolproof. The fingerprint and smart card systems while eliminating the need for keys can still be broken into. Fingerprints molds can easily be created to gain access to a secure location while hackers can capture the smart card details. It is prudent to maintain your existing key and lock system as a backup source in case the technology you are using is brokeninto. This means people will still need keychain tools for added functionalities – USB cables and flash disks are still marketable. Before you settle for an innovative lock technology weigh the pros and cons. Ensure that you have a reliable power source that fuels the technology even during power interruptions.