Keyport keychain review – one for the experienced

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If you are among the many who has several keys to juggle, you are familiar with the struggle of carrying the entire bunch every day – yet you have to, for purposes of security. That set of keys can quickly become a pain, understandably because they are so clunky and noisy, and they can even tear your pockets apart (as what happened to us once). However, thisKeyport Slide keychain review is a great idea when organizing your keys – read on to find out why.

When it comes to organizing your entire key set, you know you have a problem when your keys are tearing your pockets apart and making your sensitive items crack. In addition, it also gets annoying when you are carrying a bunch of keys around because of how heavy they are, and then you resort to buying multiple key chains to separate the keys. If this sounds like you, then this review is what you need – find out why.

What is the Keyport Slide key chain?

Coming from the Keyport Company, it is the other form of key chains you can get – the other being the Keyport Pivot. According to what we have seen in this Keyport review, the Slide is the sleeker version, and comprises of aluminum rather than plastic. It happens to be as attractive as any key set can become with the additional advantage of giving you a one-handed experience, although when it comes to practicality, it is not the best choice on the market.



This is among the distinctive features of the Keyport Slide, because you can add so many things to it. For instance, if you want to add multi-tool, knife, USB Drive or flashlight, you can do so – yet the set does not become heavy or uncomfortable to carry.

In fact, the organizer is compact, yet is highly functional and does not feel heavy. It also accommodates a maximum of six standard-sized keys.


These days, many key chains incorporate utilitarian functions, but this happens to be the biggest element that sets it aside from other key chain sets, based on what we observe in the Keyport reviews. This mainly involves the side rails, which have a slotting system that accommodates a larger number of gizmos and gadgets – meaning the keys can act as multi-tools.


These have a bit of stiffness when you are first using the gadget, but they soon loosen up after some time. This is because the nodes are locking into the ends, which means you cannot retract or extend the blades as you want to, which is one of the problems the Keyport Slide has.

keyport review

Hard to attach keys

Honestly, this is among the disappointments we notice in the Keyport review, despite its very sleek design. Among all the key organizers in the market, it is among the hardest to set up – all because normal keys cannot fit properly into the slots.

For you to fit your keys, you need to take a photo of your keys, the company sends the Keyport slide to you, then go to your favorite neighborhood locksmith or a hardware store, so that they cut out the key blades for you. This hurdle is what makes the Keyport slide to not be for everyone.


  • Has a great working mechanism
  • Solid construction and strong
  • Sleek and compact


  • Very difficult to attach keys
  • Is not for everyone


Even though the key cutting process is a hurdle, the Keyport review sows that it is a great choice if you are into key sorters that are easy to manage and singular in their nature. However, if the idea of getting unique and specialized key blanks is not your cup of tea, then you are better off going with the Keyport Pivot.