KeyKlip review –efficiency and exceptional build in one

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If you are reading this article, we are pretty sure at this point that you have grown tired of carrying around a bunch of annoyingly heavy and noisy keys, yet have no idea what to do with them aside from buying multiple key chains and splitting those keys among them. That is what this KeyKlip review is for – giving you the chance to see whether it is a great option for you to organize your key set.

You may have heard of the KeyKlip Kickstarter campaign before, which is the reason the KeyKlip key chain exists. Because you do not just want a key ring keychain, you want an item that is more multipurpose in nature while giving you the space you need to store your keys and carry them every day – here are our reasons why this key chain fulfills that purpose.

What is the KeyKlip organizer?

As EDCs (Everyday Carry items) are a major thing, it is understandable that you want a tool that can allow you to carry all your keys and do other functions. In many ways, the KeyKlip helps you out in all these aspects, functioning similar to a wallet (even in its design) and giving you some neat pocket tools that you can use one-handed.


Ultra-slim design

If you want a tool that keeps everything you own neat and organized, then the KeyKlip is a great answer. You can even clip it anywhere on you – including your belt loop, and it removes unwanted bulk – unlike the annoying traditional key ring.

One of the design elements we noticed in the KeyKlip review is the portable carabiner clip, which is a useful aspect when the key organizer cannot fit into your pockets or if you lose your keys frequently. If the problem of having keys poking at you sounds familiar, then this key organizer is a great choice to have because of its compact design.


In addition, the inner parts have the presence of rubber spaces, which makes the key organizer to rotate smoothly as you remove your required keys. That makes it functional as well as smooth.

Easy assembly

Despite its slim design, this organizer can fit up to ten keys, even with extra hardware included. Say goodbye to the idea of getting extra tools, because you will only need a simple screwdriver or coin. In addition, thanks to the custom extenders, you can also fit in all the extra keys you require on the key disk.

Added compatibility

The entire package comes with a key fob holder, which also functions as a bottle opener (extra points for utility). Its design also allows you to use it with car keys, a key ring, lanyard and key chains.


You might think that all these features in the KeyKlip review mean that the item is really heavy, but that is not really the case – which is impressive. Weighing only 0.6 ounces, it remains light on your pocket even when it is carrying multiple keys, and its design allows it to accommodate many keys without the problem of uncomfortable and bulky handling.


  • The carabiner clip eliminates the problem of misplacing keys
  • The design is slim and efficient
  • The movement is smooth due to the rubber spaces


  • The carabiner clip is vulnerable to damage because of its thinness

Final thoughts

The KeyKlip review goes to show that this is a great option to have for purposes of utility and convenience of use. In addition, one of the major advantages we noticed is the customer service. Because you are buying it, there is a full money-back guarantee in case the product does not fit your standards.