Keyport pivot review – the best one in the business

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If there is an item you wish you would carry more efficiently, aside from your wallet (for obvious reasons), it would have to be your keys. However, it is understandable that you hate doing so, especially when they key set is bulky and clanging all the time – a problem that the Keyport pivotaims to eliminate and make your experience comfortable.

For many people, they will usually have two solutions to the issue of bulky and clanging keys – buy multiple key chains to separate the keys until the set becomes smaller and less annoying, or increase the functionality of the set until this outweighs the problem of clunky keys. That is where the Keyport pivot keychain comes in, and is worth a try.

What is the Keyport Pivot key chain?

This is a modular and highly customizable key organizing system, which assists you to streamline all your keys and additional gear into convenient packages. It works very well with your existing keys and other tools you may need to carry frequently.


The entire key chain comprises of a small segmented strip of anodized aluminum, combined with hardware made from hardened stainless steel. Along its length, it has two longer sections that are segmented into three parts – this seeks to reduce the weight of the whole key chain as well as allowing you to attach additional items. On one of the sides, you will also find the name mark, and you will also find the unique ID number of the key port as well as the lost and found URL on the other side.

All of the components are held by a three-piece hinge, allowing you to expand the pivot if you want to. However, note that you might see that this area experiences stress on the screw and pin, especially when the hinge ‘opens’. On the top area of the hinge, there is a D-ring that allows you to attach any additional items such as car keys.

You will find the lock screw system on the other end, and attach your keys to its bottom part. However, you do not need to worry about the keys coming loose, since the locking system prevents this from happening by adjusting the tension.

Keyport pivot

The range of items you can attach is among the most impressive features of the Keyport Pivot, and its functionality makes it one of the best key holders in the market today – although these are separate from the package. An example would be the BLE Locator, a tracking system that works very well with TrackR to ensure you do not lose important items. Other functional aspects include the pen insert and mini flashlight (do not be fooled by its size, it is really bright).

This key holder allows for two sizes, and can hold up to seven keys in its bulkiest form – this is mainly due to the double-hinge system.

The assembly is among the easiest you will find among key holders, and adding keys is very easy – all you need to do is add by hand or use some utensil to secure the keys when you are done or re-open the pivot.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • The keys and screws do not come loose, as tension is constant
  • Very utilitarian


  • The battery cover (for the flashlight) is not firm enough
  • It is challenging to manipulate using one hand


In its default state, the Keyport Pivotkey holder is easy to carry around, as it has a small size but even in its loaded state it still remains compact. It will not tear your pocket due to its smooth finish, while the durability is solid and it will serve you well.