Keysmart 2.0 review – a classic that fulfills its job

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Carrying keys is a pain – a pain that we understand very well. Thanks to them sitting tight in your pockets, and being uncomfortable on a general level, you decide to hang them on your belt but are constantly disturbed by the annoying jingle noises that alert you they are still there. That is where the Keysmart 2.0 review comes in; we will look at this product and examine why you should consider it as a possible solution.

Thanks to the Keysmart 2.0, this transforms your set of keys from the annoying jingling and bulkiness to a convenient set. That is a problem you want to solve – even though it may seem strange at first. After all, why do you need key organizers, right? However, the reason why keys are such a bane to carry is because of how unorganized they can be particularly with the usual key rings. Here are some reasons to convince you that this is a worthwhile product to have.



If you thought that the packaging would be incredibly complex, then you thought wrong. That was among the aspects we noticed in the Keysmart 2.0 review; it all aims to promote simplicity and efficiency, unlike some products that have a bulky approach.

The packaging includes a small sealable bag, which contains the product manual and the actual product. It also includes the expansion pack. The product itself is not the easiest thing to set up, but thanks to the instruction manual – it is a breeze. Extra instructions are also on the main website, which aids in the compact design as they do not need to include everything.

Compact design

The Keysmart 2.0 is compact in its design, so you can finally say goodbye to the mess of clunky keys you have been carrying for so long. Thanks to the intuitive design, you can finally free your pockets and free your space without the risk of tearing your pocket apart.

keysmart 2

The package includes a loop piece that allows you to attach your larger car keys, while the expansion pack enables you to accommodateup to 14 standard sized keys. The keys are neatly arranged, as they are sandwiched between aircraft aluminum handles, which means you remove each key in a ‘Swiss knife’ fashion. Note that the classic version can only accommodate keys that have lengths of less than 55mm.

Setting up the whole thing

The processof setting up the entire system does require some play, because of the friction within the swivel. If you tighten this area too little during assembly, the key ring loop will swivel on its own and you risk loosing your keys. If it is too tight, then orienting the keys will become an awkward process, which means you cannot deploy the keys effectively.

It is therefore essential to assemble correctly, although this can be a challenge and is why setting up this key chain is tricky, at least what we noticed during the Keysmart 2.0 review process.

Allows to attach extra items

Thanks to the loop piece (a common feature of ever Keysmart item), you can attach additional items. These include larger keys that cannot fit in the system, car remotes, and key fobs.


  • Compact design that saves space
  • Sleek and durable design
  • You can attach additional items


  • The screws tend to loosen
  • Setting it up is not easy


Whether you choose to buy the Keysmart or not will ultimately depend on your key setup – if you have a few keys, it may be very helpful, but it proves less than helpful when you have too many keys. However, the Keysmart 2.0 reviewreveals that it has a great design, has plenty of colors to choose, and gets rid of the greatest pet peeves of key owners – bulkiness and noise.