Keyport Slide Alternatives – three varieties you should know

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When it comes to the world of key organizers, you might get confused with the insane variety on the market, with every manufacturer saying how their brand solves all your issues. However, we have done the legwork in finding the best Keyport Slide alternatives, so you do not have to.

Finding a key organizer is a tough process, especially when you walk into a store and find so many potentially good ones waiting for you. In the world of today with all its variety, how would you even know the best one to pick?

Well, you are not alone. Many brands have marketed themselves to be the ultimate solution on this issue. However, you just want an organizer that helps you sort your keys and other EDC tools you have, all while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life. You may even end up going for the most common option that you see so many people using, only to find out it does not work for you very well.


if this sounds like you, take a look at our review of the best key organizers you can use as an alternative to the Keyport Slide (in itself a top contender).

Key Blok compact key holder and organizer

The essence of having a key organizer is removing the annoying sound of jingling keys and bulky packages that can confuse you when you are trying to find the relevant tool. This specific organizer seeks to tackle that through using a flat, compact design, all while maintaining a great sense of style in its simplicity.

It guarantees you no bulging pockets, as it keeps all things neat within your pocket or bag. When you have it, you can finally say goodbye to annoyingly bulky key sets and key rings.

The main body is durable, as it is made from solid titanium, and this also makes it a lightweight option that you can carry everywhere without strain.

Orbitkey 2.0

If you are a fan of the classic style of key organizers, but with a softer approach, then this might be a good pick for you. Cowhide leather is the main material comprising it, so you are guaranteed it is of high quality and elegance, as well as giving you ample variety choices as ithas several colors in the collection.

Stainless steelcomprises the whole hardware set of this organizer, so that already gives you some peace of mind concerning the long term durability. In fact, it is a significant upgrade, because it no longer uses aluminum that was characteristic of the earlier Orbitkey. In addition, it is slimmer by up to 40 percent because of the material in use.

If you have ever handled an Apple Watch sport, then you will be familiar with the feel of the grip. That is thanks to the TPU polymer used in the body, and it is resistant to water and dust, adding to the high quality feel it has. Compared to the original Orbitkey, the bands also happen to be different. You can choose among laidback canvas (a recent addition), cushioned leather, and sporty rubber.


If you want to organize your keys but are not sure whether the slide key organizer will work, you can try this alternative. Featuring a set of key rings, it uses a great system of quick releases to help you locate relevant keys as quickly as possible. Each ring has a notch, which enables you to pass each through another ring when you position them in a perpendicular angle.

It may not work if you have too many keys to handle though, unless you purchase a different number of sets.


While having the Keyport Slide is great, it may not necessarily work well for your case – and that is why it is good to consider alternatives. All these will give you different aspects of organization, but the good thing is you will get some help in keeping your keys together without too much strain or inconvenience – regardless of the specific one you go for.


Can the Keyport Slide damage my keys?

No, because the Keyport (and all other key organizers) function similar to traditional keys. You need to note though, the Slide will give you the chance to add torque when you add keys, so you need to be careful when doing that.

Can I replace individual keys once I put them in the slide?

Yes you can. In fact, removing and inserting them into the blades is much easier than you might think – even more so when you compare them to traditional key rings.

What kind of keys are compatible?

You can use a variety of security keys with the Keyport as well as its alternatives. They include Schlage Primus, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Assa, and Abloy.