Keychains for large car keys – ideas on managing your large keychain set

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If you are reading this article, then it is not surprising to you that your keychain is a source of pain. Life has so many things you need to deal with, and having a set of keys helps you manage all these things – but how do you manage bulky ones, such as key chains for large car keys?

Keys are so many, and you might not realize it until you do an inventory of what you have. from house keys, to gym keys, to car keys, all these are demanding your attention and make you feel clumsy, especially when they are so disorganized and all over the place. In addition, you need to keep track of each of them and make sure they are all intact – a hassle you do not even need in the first place.

With a proper keychain though, you can learn to organize your life better, regardless of whether you have large car keys or not. After all, car keys are usually the worst offenders when it comes to taking up unnecessary space on a keychain, so you need some tips to help you manage it better.

Separate the keys and group them in a specific order

When you have a large bunch of keys, it is easy to become discouraged at their sheer size and wonder how you can even start organizing them. However, you soon discover that once you begin the process, it is easier to continue with it for as long as possible.

First thing is laying the keys and extra items on the keychain, including EDC tools, on a table. get rid of all the things you  do not require, as well as those keys you no longer use – you will be surprised to find out you are holding on to useless keys.

Afterwards you can group the keys according to what you use them for. For instance, occasional keys can be in one group, work keys on an extra set, transport related keys on another, and so on.For extra help with sorting them out, you can buy some extra key chains, or get carabiners. Thanks to these, you can get these keys when you need them, and reduce the bulk on your current keychain.

Get an alternative keychain

car keys and key fob

At certain times, the reason your keychain tends to suffer from bulkiness is not due to the keys you carry – it may be due to extra items attached to it. Whenusing the usual key ring, you notice that they are notoriously difficult to keep organized, even when they come in different sizes. They also add bulk to the keys you already have.

The good news is that you do not need this organizing method anymore; there are plenty of alternative key chains you can use. Ranging from commercial ones to DIY types, there is something, you are likely to enjoy using and takes off the bulk. For instance, many key organizers these days look like Swiss army knives in their functioning, as you arrange all the keys you need and only remove them when you need them.

Pocket clipping

This is a very useful method of dealing with unwanted bulk, especially if you have car keys in the bunch. The idea is that you hook the keys to your pocket’s top, so that they do not stab your pocket or jangle unnecessarily. It also allows you to clip them to your bag, belt, or other pockets that you normally use.

There are plenty of ways to explore the option. These include hooks, suspension clips, and even quick release systems. Regardless of the method you choose, they all remain useful and lightweight.


Unknowingly, you might be holding on to keys you do not need – but you might not have an idea, unless you decide to do a spring cleaning of your entire key set. That said, it is easy to settle on a method of managing your keys better and more efficiently, and reduce the bulk you have to deal with every day.


Why are keychains even important?

Key chains serve a whole purpose of practicality, value for money, and portability. Because they help you stay organized, they also make for great gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Can I replace individual keys once I put them in the key organizer?

Yes you can. In fact, removing and inserting them into the blades is much easier than you might think – even more so when you compare them to traditional key rings.

Is there specific criteria to use when looking for a keychain multi-tool?

Yes, since not every keychain will work well when you add other items on it. A keychain multi-tool will tend to have a length of three inches or less, and has the most expansive range of form factors. Look for those made of stainless steel. They should also be easy to use and lightweight.