Keysmart extended vs Keysmart classic – what is the difference

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The keysmart extended and keysmart classic have the same material, capacity and design so what is the major difference? Find out by reading the Keysmart extended vs Keysmart classic review

My job requires me to move to different states a lot and I have found myself stacking keys in my keychain, even ones that I am no longer in need of. This has made it harder for me to recognise the keys I need from the ones I do not. On top of that, my key is messy and bulky which is very inconvenient. After some research I came up with a solution for a complex yet, manageable key chain. Making the right choice has taking me a while

Differences between Keysmart extended and Keysmart classic – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart classic Keysmart extended
Capacity Aluminium with stainless steel Aluminium and stainless steel
Material 14 keys 14  keys
Length key – maximum 55mm 80mm
Accessories Has a loop to install extra accessories Loop is included for accessories
Length 60mm 76mm
Check the price Check the price

 keysmart extended vs keysmart classic  – a detailed comparison


The keysmart classic has a rounded curvature at the center; the design is sleek and keeps your key sets safe and organised. It can also keep your keys compact and constrain the sharp edges from any type of damage.

The keysmart extended has the same design when it comes to style. Everything, including the bolts and screws has the same structure. The main difference is that it is longer and thicker than the keysmart classic.


Even though the size and length of the two key holders are different, they hold the same number of keys. They can both accommodate up to 14 standard sized keys. The only difference between the two is that with the keysmart classic, you can only install keys that are 66 mm and less.Since the keysmart extended is much wider, it can take keys longer than that but with a standard length of 76 mm long.


Both keysmart classic and extended are made of aluminium and stainless steel.  The high grade stainless steel is incorporated in the bolts and screws and guarantees strength and durability. The designs are surprisingly similar due to the fact they are made from the same company.


You can add any accessory of your choice in the loop attached to one end on both key holders.  There is no big difference when it comes to the loop attachment, it is placed on one end on both holders and you can take it out by removing the screw.

Keysmart classic

Keysmart extended vs Keysmart classic

The classic rugged key holder can accommodate a stunning 8 keys. Even though it seems tiny, it can eliminate your bulky keys be keeping them neat, organised and easy to handle. Keep in mind that it can only hold so many keys of they are a standard 55 mm or less.   A side loop is attached where you can keep larger keys and other accessories.

This key holder will eliminate noise so you won’t have to worry about that as you move about in quiet places. It is perfect for stacking your small keys away. It prevents keys from tearing your skin or clothes. This holder is made of aluminium and stainless steel, meaning it will last you a while.

The pros

  • It is affordable
  • Very easy to assemble

The con

  • The screws will loosen over time
  • Wont handle very long keys

Keysmart extended

Keysmart extended vs Keysmart classic

They keysmart extended keeps your keys neat and organised.  The standard keysmart extended will accommodate up to 14 of your keys given they are less than 80 mm thick each. This keychain will help you get rid of noisy tangling keys and give you an organised system that will save your space, time and money.  The design is created to protect your clothes and leather bags from damage. It has edges that keep the sharp parts away from your designer clothes and bags.

The designers have included a loop attachment where you can install larger car keys or fob remote. It is an instant key organiser. It is made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel.  Keysmart is stainless, rust free, light weight and has a design guaranteed to last you a while. You won’t have to worry about bulky and disorganised keys when you have the keysmart extended.


  • Keeps your keys compact
  • The accessory loop makes it convenient


  • It is expensive

The verdict

It is hard to make a decision when the specifications of both key holders are almost equal. For the best experience, I decided to go with both key holders and figure out the rest as I continue exploring. The keysmart extended is perfect for holding longer keys , which means you can install more than just your standard house keys.


What is the main difference in weight between the classic and extended keysmart?

They are almost similar in weight; the extended is light enough to make a difference when you install the keys. Strength-wise, the titanium is much better.

Can I install store tags on the keysmart classic?

It depends on the structure of your tag; some are created conveniently with holes on the corner and will fit perfectly. Unfortunately, a tag that is a little too big will not fit well.

Will schlange keys fit into the keysmart extended compact model?

Schlange keys may fit, but not if you arrange them tip to tip. If you arrange them in a way that one side of keys sets on the other, you will have an easy and unique arrangement.

Can you mix your regular sized keys with longer keys on the keysmart classic?

The keysmart classic is meant to fit standard sized keys. This means that bigger keys may not work well with this key organiser, you may want to go with the rugged for that option.

Which one is stronger, Keysmart classic or extended?

Keysmart classic is made from titanium while extended is made from aluminium. The keysmart extended is far much stronger and will last you longer.