Keysmart gold review – a picture of versatility and elegance

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In the world of key holders, it is easy to get confused by the sheer variety out there, and even wonder why you need these EDC items in the first place. However, they prove to be useful in situations of carrying your keys every day, simply because of how annoying your key set can get – for instance, the jingling noise, the heaviness, and the disorganization they can become. In this way, thisKeysmart Gold reviewshows the product being the perfect alternative to your traditional key chain – while ultimately remaining stylish.

Every day, you must move around with your keys – as long as you are outside your house. Regardless of where you decide to keep them – pockets, bags, belt loops, and so on – it can be quite an inconvenience, especially when the keys are so many. Thanks to key holders such as Keysmart Gold, you no longer need to worry about the problem. So what are they, and why should you get them?

What is Keysmart Gold?

Coming from the Keysmart Company that has alternative key chains on their roster, the Keysmart Gold is a key holder that has a laser engraved logo, and made from premium stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. It is lightweight and sleek, and has a design that fits in your pockets while remaining smooth.


Compact and lightweight


Generally, the key holders that come from Keysmart are well known for their lightness and high quality, as they are designed to fit into the smallest pockets. You no longer need to worry about torn pockets or annoying jingles, as they keep your keys secure and enclosed.

What is remarkable is the size – in this Keysmart Gold review, we noticed that the size is smaller than a packet of gum, yet feel smooth in your pocket (even when it is full of keys). You no longer need to also worry about how large your pocket is; they can fit whenever.

Very organized and functional

The dimensions that are present will change the bulky key ring problem you experience into a highly organized and slim key holder. Conventional key rings will also have the problem of noise, as he keys are constantly hitting against each other – and that is a major annoyance for so many people, even us.

With the Keysmart Gold key holder, you eliminate both noise and bulkiness – making your experience smoother and more enjoyable. You also keep your keys organized at all times, so you can find them faster.

Abel to expand

If you use the standard version, you will fit a maximum of eight keys – but you can also get the expansion pack that allows you to fit up to 14 keys. Aside from that, you have an extra loop piece that you can use for your fobs and car keys, or even larger keys that may not fit in the spaces.


One thing that you will always get for key holders of this kind is the emphasis on utility, and it is no different in this Keysmart Gold review. One of the extra attachments that you get is a USB drive, and you can also get bottle openers and a small flashlight.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Convenient design that stores keys securely
  • You can expand it to meet your needs


  • Does not work well for very big keys
  • You will need to tighten it occasionally


What we have observed in the KeysmartGold review is that this is a product you should aim to have, as it gives you great service yet remains affordable for the everyday user.