Keysmart compact key organizer review – a sure testament to its name

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Let us start this article with a question to you – how many keys do you own? It seems that you have numerous keys for different purposes; one for your house, one for your office, for your workstation, your cabinets, you locker at the gym, your car, and so on. These keys are all highly convenient on your end because they give you access to all these areas, but they come with a problem of their own – they are clunky and bulky. This is a problem that the Keysmart compact key organizer review seeks to address.

If the problem of heavy and noisy keys is familiar to you, as it is to us, then you may have searched for various solutions such as buying different key chains to separate your keys. However, will you be carrying all these key chains all the time? And what happens if you misplace one of the key chains? In truth, these are some of the problems that the Keysmart compact key organizer aims to solve – read on for our thoughts on that.

What is the Keysmart compact?

What we have seen in this Keysmart Compact key organizer review is that it remains a compact and simple device that helps maintain the organization of your keys. It remains comfortable, but the most important factor is that it is quiet (so say goodbye to the irritating noise).


Easy assembly

One thing we have constantly seen on customer reviews regarding the Keysmart compact is the fact that it is easy to assemble. In fact, the process of connecting your keys takes only a minute at most, with no extra tools needed.

Its versatility also allows you to use any key type with it, even foreign keys – something we do not see in many other key chains. There is even a key loop ring that you use to attach your car keys, and you can even purchase extenders to help fit more keys and add-ons (it takes a maximum of 14 keys). This helps you organize all your keys instantly.

keysmart review


The key chain is made from very high quality, rust resistant stainlesssteel, as well as aircraft grade aluminum. These materials are both light, which means you will not feel the bulk of carrying around your key collection – even if the set is full of keys.

Extra functionality

The key sets these days are all about providing convenience for the user in terms of their multipurpose nature, and the Keysmart compact key organizer review shows this is the same story. Some of the add-ons you can get include:

  • Nano-light: if you are like us and are tired of lookingfor things in the dark, this flashlight (made from stainless steel) will give you the light when needed.
  • 16GB flash drive: allows you to move with your most important data, and it comes with aluminum casing to protect it from falls.
  • Bottle opener: this installed add-on can fold back inside easily when you are done, so it remains out of sight.
  • Pocket clip: maintains easy accessibility of the keys, while the no-snag design makes it easy to retrieve when you require it.
  • Quick disconnect:in addition to the pocket clip, tis helps you attach and remove your keys easily from where you place the key set.


  • Very utilitarian and useful
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design


  • The add-ons are pricey
  • The screws tend to come loose sometimes


One of the major factors that surprised us in the KeysmartCompact review was how organized it is – you do not spend much time looking for the right keys, and it remains compact and lightweight. However, the add-ons are not the cheapest out there, so that might be an annoyance.