Keysmart pro vs tile key finder – tracker or keychain?

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You can attach the tile key finder to your key chains to reduce the risk of losing or misplacing your keys. Read the Keysmart pro vs tile key finder review for all the information you need.

I drive an excavator for my local construction company. I also enjoy collecting antiques, which I store in a number of storage units. In total, I have about fourteen keys that I need to have with me at all times. I often misplace them at work or lock them in my storage units during my routine checks. It can be frustrating having to change out locks and replace lost keys. I researched Keysmart pro vs tile key finder to find a solution to my needs.

Differences between Keysmart pro vs tile key finder – How do they compare?

Comparison Keysmart pro Tile key finder
Capacity 10 Keys Attached to key holder
Weight 0.64 ounces 3.52 ounces
Material Hard Plastic/Stainless Steel Hard polycarbonate.
volume 98 decibels 98 decibels
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer battery (included) Replaceable CR2032 battery included
Check the price Check the price

Keysmart pro vs tile- A Detailed Comparison


The tile key finder is rectangular in shape. The keyhole is located on one of the edges on the tile tracker. It does not act as a key holder but you can attach it to your keychain for tracking abilities when you lose your keys.

The keysmart pro is primarily a key holder has a curvature at the center. It works to keep your keys compact and constrain the sharp edges from any type of damage to your skim, clothes or bags. This bright colored key chain is built for style and functionality with a tracker on one side to help find your misplaced and lost keys.


The keysmart pro will only accommodate 10 keys but can handle 10 times the number with an extension. These are normal sized keys of 80mm in length or less.

As for the key tile, it will not accommodate any form of keys but can be added to any key chain with an attachment. With this tracker it is a win lose situation depending on the type of keychain you have.


The keysmart holder is made of high grade aluminium and good quality stainless steel. Although these materials seem heavy, it is not bulky at all, even when the keys are attached.

The tile key finder is designed through fusion of polycarbonate that makes it compact, malleable but easily breakable.

The tracker range

The keysmart does not have a GPS, which means you will not track the keys when you lose them. The tile key finder can track your keys only if they are 200 ft away. This is a much lower distance than you would expect. To make up for this, this locator sends location updates to your phone, which is helpful in case you lose your key at unknown locations.

The keysmart pro

Keysmart pro vs tile key finder

Keysmart pro has been created to keep your keys contact. It is equipped with a smart locator that will help you track your keys when they go missing. Link the tile app on your smart phone and you are good to go. The app will make your phone ring, making it easier and faster to find.  It also works to find your missing phone. The button on the key organiser rings your phone when pressed twice.

The keysmart pro can hold up to 10 keys. It includes a bottle opener and an LED flashlight which can come in handy.  This particular keysmart pro comes with a two year warranty. It also has a loop piece where you can attach an extra car key. The micro USB charging cable allows you to charge the holder whenever it is out of power.

The pros

  • You can find it easily
  • It helps you find your phone
  • User friendly

The cons

  • Keys are mixed up

Tile pro key finder review

Keysmart pro vs tile key finder

The tile app can help you locate your lost keys by sending location updates to your phone The tile pro battery should be able t last you up to a year and if its runs out you can easily replace it.. You can use this device to make your keys ring when they are out of site but within the location.

This can be achieved through a direct connection to an app on your phone. You can also use this device to find your missing phone; you simply have to double press the button on the device and your phone rings to reveal its location even when the tone is set on silent.

The pros

  • Light in weight
  • The battery runs for a long time
  • Has a multi function


  • It is very expensive

The verdict

Since I do not want to make my keys more bulky, I will go with the keysmart pro. Adding a tracker on top of my car keys will make it heavier and less pocket friendly. The keysmart pro has great tracking properties; keeps my keys contact and can accommodate more keys as well. With the keysmart, I won’t have to worry about losing my keys and using more money to replace them.


Is tile pro waterproof enough to withstand being rained on?

Tile pro is waterproof and can withstand getting wet. However they are not waterproof enough to endure a full emersion into the water. In case you accidentally drop it into the water make sure you pick it up and dry it off quickly.

Does the Tile pro come with batteries?

It comes with CR2032 batteries that are replaceable. From activation, you can use them for a guaranteed period of one year.

How does the Tile Pro track your phone?

To ring and locate your phone with the Tile Pro, you need to double press the Tile button on any of your tiles if you have a couple of them.

Is it possible to sync multiple Tile Proto one phone?

You can connect all your Tile Pros to your phone on the Tile Pro app. Just make sure you label them correctly to avoid confusion.

Will Tile pro accept all languages?

You will be able to use your tile Pro with any language. Since Tile Pro depends on your phone connection with the Bluetooth, make sure it connects properly.