KeySmart Rugged vs. Extended Review 2019

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Are you tired of torn pockets, jangling keys, and full pockets? With an excellent key organizer, you can quickly turn a messy, loud, jangly keychain into something compact and good looking. This KeySmart Rugged review will guide you on how best to organize and carry your keys.


Keys are one of the typical everyday carry for everyone. Whether you throw them in your bag, put them in the pocket or even hang them on the belt loop, depending on the number of the keys, this can be very inconvenient. Carrying keys can be cumbersome, uncomfortable and space consuming especially for those who have to put them in their pockets. With KeySmart, this everyday task has been simplified. I have been using products from the KeySmart assemblies for a while now, and I love it!

This KeySmart Extended vs. Rugged review offers you the best tips on what options to go for. I have used both of these key organizers and managed to save a lot of valuable pocket space. I now no longer have to worry about the wear and tear in my bag and pockets caused by the sharp edges of my keys. Before these, I had my keys in the traditional keychain, and this would occupy a lot of space in my bag and even worse, resulted to torn pockets.

Product Features:

Asides being a minimalist go-to choice, the KeySmart assemblies have many exciting features that would benefit anyone who needs to put this everyday carry item in order. These KeySmart assemblies items have become one of those products I can’t live without as they have made my life more organized and minimalistic. Keeping the over ten keys, I use on a daily basis in this innovative product has been a huge lifesaver.

KeySmart Extended: Compact Key Holder and KeyChain Organizer (2-14 keys) 

KeySmart ExtendedLightweight and compact:

The KeySmart Extended is sleek and lightweight designed to fit perfectly in a small pocket space.No more key jingle or holes in your pocket. This item is even smaller than a packet of gum and feels smooth in the pocket. I now do not need to worry about having large pockets for my keys as they can quickly feel wherever.

Slim, highly functional and organized:

The KeySmart extended dimensions are such that they transform the traditional bulky key ring to a slim organized key holder. This item has eliminated all the noise that came with my previous conventional key holder that was noisy, bulky and uncomfortable to carry every day. I am also able to find the key I need faster as they are well organized.


The KeySmart extended fit up to 8 keys and came with an expansion pack that allows you to fit up to 14 keys. I have eight keys fitting well in my key organizer with more space if I so need to add more.

Car keys and fobs attachment:

This Keysmart Assemblies item has put more into consideration besides the usual keys. The item comes with an extra loop piece to cater for oddly shaped keys, larger keys, car remotes or fobs. You can easily attach any larger item that doesn’t fit in the posts inside. I have attached my car key in the key ring.

Accessories additions:

KeySmart assemblies have a wide variety of fun accessories that can be added to the KeySmart Extended for better personalization that fit your style. You can add a bottle opener, USB Drive or even torch flashlight to make it the perfect everyday carry item. One recent addition that I am loving is the MagConnect that allows me to attach my car fob through magical magnetism. I have also added several accessories like the flashlight torch and a USB drive as they are part of my day EDC.


  • Simple, convenient way to store keys
  • Slim easy to carry frame
  • Expandable to meet specification


  • When tightly fit, it takes longer to get the right key out
  • Does not work well for bigger and longer keys, as it is built with standard key size in mind.
  • Over time the screws get loose and will require tightening about twice a month.

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KeySmart Rugged: Multi-Tool key holder with Bottle Opener and Pocket Clip (2-14 Keys)

KeySmart RuggedThis is the bigger and better version of  KeySmart extended. The KeySmart Rugged has pretty much all the features that we have in KeySmart Extended with slight improvement. The KeySmart rugged titanium is a combination of the favorite KeySmart key holder with a great metal that makes it even more durable. You now need not worry about the wear and tear. I moved to this organizer after a month of using the KeySmart extended, and this too has been serving me well.

Includes bottle opener and pocket clip:

The improved bottle opener gives extra functionality to this every day carry. Another thing I love which is an addition to the previous KeySmart is the removable pocket clip. I can quickly hook the keys into my pocket when I don’t need to carry a bag.

Ultra lightweight and durable:

The KeySmart Rugged is made from aircraft grade aluminum or titanium and stainless steel which gives it durability. This hardware gives it a sleek look and a smooth feel. Since purchase, it has fallen several times, and there is no noticeable damage to the product.


Fits up to 8 keys and includes expansion pack to fit up to 14 keys, with extension screws, it can up to a capacity of 100 keys. I have not tried the 100 keys, but I was able to get to 14 keys comfortably. 

Thicker Build:

This specific KeySmart item comes with a thicker front, and back plates are making it heftier and even more minimal damage on pockets. The edges are not sharp which is great for minimal wear and tear when putting in pockets.


  • Long enough for almost any key. More universal to fit different types of keys
  • Screws are countersunk into the frame
  • Has a pocket clip
  • Ultra strong to withstand anything life throws at it.
  • Improved bottle opener


    • It can take some time to get the right key out when they are tightly fit together
    • Slightly pricier than the other KeySmart items

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I highly recommend these key organizers to anyone who carries a bunch of keys as the convenience it comes with is excellent. The best highlights for me have been no more poking holes in my pocket and that I can easily keep all my keys together with minimal jingling.

Depending on how many keys you carry and what you want to include in your daily carry, either of these products can be the best fit. By making a quick comparison between KeySmart Extended vs. rugged, you can quickly make a choice. I would highly recommend the KeySmart rugged as it is a bigger and better version of the KeySmart Extended but slightly pricier. Follow the links below to get to see more product details and customer reviews about this fantastic key organizer innovation.