KeySmart vs. KeyBar Review 2019

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 Whether you are looking for a perfect key organizer or are just a minimalist, there is an unlimited selection of key organizers, and it’s hard to decide which best fits your needs. This KeySmart vs. KeyBar review will guide you in choosing the best key organizer for your everyday carry.


I have tried out both organizers, and I am a big follower of different EDC channels to know what other people are up to. If you are like me, you might end up needing both. I use the KeySmart for my house keys and the KeyBar for my more bulky office keys.

Many brands have been working to get the best key organizers and help mend the mess and so far, there’s a wide selection available for purchase, depending on what your everyday carry entails. A solid key organizer will help you solve the messy key situation that results in torn pockets and annoying noise. 


KeySmart is a new age product which launched in 2013 after it’s founder Michael realized how every day carry for keys was very annoying. I use the KeySmart for my house keys as they are not many. One cool thing about the KeySmart is that over time, they have added cool accessories that you can purchase separately if you need to style up your keychain. Accessories are a great way to personalize your everyday carry and also make a statement. 

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Made from high-quality aluminum. Over time, the KeyBar has advanced to even other stronger material. The common ones are carbon fiber and titanium. The durability of this product and ability to survive through harsh conditions is incomparable. I have the KeyBar for my office keys which is a huge bunch.

This key comes with a titanium pocket clip to help you keep the key well in the pocket. I have added more accessories to this key, i.e., flash drive and flashlight as they are also part of my EDC.

One thing that will not change soon is that keys are part of everyone’s EDC. From tossing them in your pocket to storing them in a key purse, there will still be some damage caused because they are sharp. I once had my phone screen crack from the keys when I was using the traditional keychain. Another thing I often find annoying about keys is the constant jingle which notifies people when you are coming from a mile away. These and among others are the key reasons why I decided to invest in a cool key organizer, and this has been a genuinely fruitful venture.

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Product features: 

Flat surface screw for easier assembly:

I was able to assemble both when starting out quickly. This is because they come with a flat large surface screw head that is easy to open even by using a coin if you do not own a screwdriver.

These two products have pretty much the same assembly manual which is easy to follow. I was able to assemble the two without the need for help single-handedly. The overall design and concept about key organizers make it easy to move from one to another as they are highly related. 

Washers for separating keys:

They both have washers that are in between the two surfaces. This is what I used to separate the different keys when assembling. These washers are meant to enable more comfortable placement, key rotation, and retrieval. One thing I noticed about the washers is that if they are too tight, it is hard to retrieve a key and if they are too loose, the key is not in place. So make sure you have the washers tightened up to the best limit to cater for both.

KeySmart comes with a rubber-like washer which looks harsh from the outside but turned out to be less durable as compared to the stainless steel washer in the KeyBar.They both keep my keys intact when tightened well enough.

Expansion pack:

KeySmart came with a separate extension pack before which it was able to handle eight keys comfortably when not expanded. I view the KeyBar as a more extended KeySmart because it was able to fit more than ten keys before expansion. It comes with a taller key ring hence able to house more keys without the need for expansion. I found the KeyBar easier to use with many keys as it comes as one package without the obligation to purchase the expansion pack separately. I hence use the KeyBar for my office keys as they are more than the house keys.

Material and durability:

KeyStar top surfaces are made of aluminum with a recent introduction which is titanium. They are also available in different colored layers. The KeyBar is made I have a carbon fiber back surface and a titanium top. There are several material options offered in the KeyBar site while the KeySmart has different color options if you prefer a more prominent color to match your style.

Within a month of usage, the KeySmart required tightening which I found tasking as compared to the KeyBar which was still intact. KeySmart needs frequent tightening maybe twice a month so that the keys don’t hang outside the bar.


I love the KeySmart for my everyday house keys as it is small and less bulky as compared to the KeyBar. The KeyBar felt slightly bulky even before assembly as compared to the KeySmart.The KeySmart is a slimmer fit while the KeyBar is bulkier and with even thicker sides. The KeySmart dimensions are almost half those of the Keybar

KeySmart – Weight: 0.8 ounces, Dimensions: 3.9 x 2 x 0.4 inches

KeyBar – Weight: 1.6 ounces, Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 0.8 inches

On matters price, I found the two products relatively cheap. The KeyBar retails at a lower rate of for the standard size, but you need to add extra bucks for the expansion pack. I just spent the standard amount as I did not need more expansion. The KeyBar is slightly higher price for the standard size but is more expandable without an extra package. 


I prefer the KeySmart for my house keys as it is slimmer and looks neater, usually the size of a gum pack and comfortably fits in all my pockets which is mostly inside my bag. The great thing I love about KeySmart is the slimmer and more elegant design and the lower price for the standard size.

I would, however, recommend using the KeyBar if you have more than ten keys in your EDC as the KeyBar scales well with a more significant number of keys. Also, if you often put the keys in your clothes pocket, the KeyBar is better as the keys smoothly mesh into the bar and are not free to catch anything else in the pocket.