KeySmart varieties – what are the models you can purchase?

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When you are in the market and searching for a proper keyorganizer to get your life in order, you might hear of the KeySmart being a possible solution. However, you might not know which of the KeySmart varieties is best for your situation, so this article will focus on a short comparison.

When it comes to the world of key organizers, nothing is more frustrating than buying one that does not fit your requirements or is of substandard quality. regardless of the strength of the brand name, sometimes big brands can end up disappointing you, especially if you failed to get what you wanted because you had no idea what to look for.

TheKeySmart is one of those big name brands – but not everyone knows the variety they have. in case you are tired of having torn pockets and carrying bulky keys, yet are lost on the decision to make on the specific type, worry no more – we have done all the legwork for you.

First, what is the KeySmart?

One of the reasons why keys are such a bane to carry is because of how disorganized they can be, especially when you have so many of them to carry around. The KeySmart aims to solve the problem by organizing the giant mess of keys you have into a more manageable and tidy system, and also remove the never-ending irritating jingling that comes with these keys.


KeySmart Pro


This is probably what you would refer to as the ‘starter pack’ for people getting into KeySmart and trying it out for the first time, and it is probably the most famous type in the series. Since it has space for up to ten keys, you will have no trouble if your key set is a mess – in addition to having a loop that you can use for larger keys like car fobs.

It has an interesting addition in the body – a rechargeable battery in form of a micro USB. This is responsible for powering the integrated Tile module and mini-LED flashlight that come with the package. This means it more than just a key organizer; it is a multi-purpose tool that can serve you well in many ways. You need to be careful about the Bluetooth tracking system though – it may let you sometimes, especially when the battery levels are low.

KeySmart Compact Key

this is a lightweight option, which has a design that fits well into a small is very smooth, and its size is less than a gum packet – do not let the size fool you though – it has the potential of storing up to 8 keys, and 14 keys if you use the expansion pack. There is also a loop where you can attach larger keys for your convenience.

The only problem it has is the size itself. If you have larger keys, it may not work well for them, as its design only keeps the standard key size in mind.

KeySmart Rugged

If the KeySmart compact key organizer does not work for you because of its size, the Rugged is a nice alternative to go for – it is the better version actually. It comes with all the reliable features you probably want in the KeySmart compact, although with more improvements.

It has a bottle opener that comes with the package, and a datable pocket clip that you can use to hook your keys when you are not carrying a bag. Despite carrying your keys, it remains lightweight, and the stainless steel body gives it plenty of durability. The only drawback it has is that you might experience some issues when drawing out your keys, due to the tendency of over tightening the tension.


There are many varieties of key organizers you can purchase, and the KeySmart is among them. However, for you to make an informed choice, you need to know what each organizer can and cannot do – and that way, you will not feel disappointed with your decision.


How many keys can the KeySmart hold (in general)?

This will depend on the specific type you go for. However, it usually holds up to 20 keys when you use the expansion pack, or two to eight keys if using the standard size.

If I have larger accessories or car keys, how do I attach them?

The good news with key organizers is that they will always come with a loop piece, which you can use to attach your car keys or extra tools that cannot fit normally in the setup. In the case of the KeySmart for instance, you can also purchase the Quick Disconnect to help you disconnect the car keys and KeySmart organizer.

Will all keys be compatible?

The good news is that most keys are compatible with these key organizers, as long as the key hole is more than four mm in its diameter, the length a maximum of 67mm, and the profile is flat. In addition, it does not matter what shape the key takes. If you have another type of key that does not fit the criteria, like bicycle lock keys, key fobs, and car keys, you can use the D-ring to attach them to the system.