Orbitkey 2.0 cognac – What to do when it gets too tight

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It is not surprising to find many people struggling with managing keys, and turning to solutions such as the Orbitkey 2.0 cognac.

I know the eternal struggle of maintaining an entire key bunch. Imagine you have several key sets – consisting of your house keys, office keys, car keys, and various other keys like your mailbox and suitcases. You definitely want a solution to managing them just like anyone else.

enter the key organizer – you decide to use one that sorts you out, until one day you realize it is too tight and cannot let you access your keys, or too loose and the keys come off. If this has happened to you in the past, you are not alone: plenty of people struggle with the problem, yet fearing that the key blanks or the organizers themselves will break due to the tension. In this article, we look at useful ways to loosen the key organizer, as the method can apply universally.

You can adjust the tension whenever you need to

Believe it or not, you can add or reduce the tension present in the key organizer, and you can do it whenever you need to. Because the organizer allows you to manage your keys in a more stylish way compared to a traditional keychain, the design allows you to add keys or remove them easier than the usual ring chain. It then operates similar to a Swiss knife, because you will be able to remove the keys you need when you need them.

The Orbitkey 2.0 cognac in particular, is a key holder that comprises cowhide leather to give it a classic feel, and you can get it in several colors. If you have experienced the problem of carrying a multiple set of keys and them simply tiring you out, then this is there to solve the problem for you conveniently.

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Solving the tightening problem

If the tension is too tight and prevents the easy retrieval of your keys, then it is likely due to theover tightening of the screw and shaft mechanism. This mostly happens with time, as you may have unknowingly over-rotated the pivot screw into the system, or when the keys lack a wave washer.

First of all, you might not know the sign of an over tightened key organizer. To know this, you need to look at the band that connects the main screw and the keys. If you are trying to get a hold of your keys, yet the band is turning, it means there is too much tension within the screw – for a normal tension key organizer, the band should stay in place without you trying to manipulate it to the correct position.

If you notice this problem, it also means that you cannot unlock its locking mechanism. This leads to issues with key and tool retrieval or addition, as well as damage to the key organizer if the problem persists.

The good news is that solving the problem is not a difficult task. Here are the steps outlined:

  • First, you need to take one side of the band and twist it once in an anti-clockwise direction. Note that you will need to turn it in a full circle (360 degrees).
  • Using a small coin, or any other small, flat object, pinch both the band sides towards each other, and this will allow you to unscrew the system. The coin or flat objects makes the job easier.
  • You can then adjust the tension easier and loosen things up. Note that you should not use a heavy tool like a screwdriver to do the unscrewing, because they will damage the working mechanism of the key organizer.


While having over-tightening of key organizers screws is a common occurrence, you should not think about running for replacements (unless the entire mechanism is spoilt). Using these steps, the adjustments of tension is easier to do and will save you money.


What are the wave washers, and what is their purpose?

The wave washers are the components in between the key spaces, and the work with the screw to minimize the tension in the system. They also help to maintain the alignment of your keys, and make it easy for you to remove the relevant key when you need it.

Will all keys be compatible?

The good news is that most keys are compatible with Orbitkey 2.0 cognac, as long as the key hole is more than four mm in its diameter, the length a maximum of 67mm, and the profile is flat. In addition, it does not matter what shape the key takes. If you have another type of key that does not fit the criteria, like bicycle lock keys, key fobs, and car keys, you can use the D-ring to attach them to the system.

How many keys can the Orbitkey handle?

The usual number is a maximum of seven keys, although you can adjust it through the universal locking mechanism.