Kwikset smartkey keypad and lock stopped working – Check out these top solutions

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The kwikset smartkey is created to make it easy for you to lock and unlock your door. Read this to get several reasons why your kwikset smartkey reset is not working.

Buying the kwikset smartkey is one of the best decisions I made. It provides me with extra security and locking and unlocking my door has never been any easier. I do not have to worry even when I lose my keys when I’m out. The problem is, recently the kwikset keypad has been acting up. I have had it for several months but now it does not work as it should. The kwikset keypad is supposed to light up but it won’t. I have never had any trouble so I do not know how to go about this situation. I set out to find the solutions online and this is what I came up with.

Check out these top solutions

kwikset smartkey

When the keypad does not light up

Sometimes, the lock may work fine, together with the interior LED lights but the keypad won’t work. This is more common in newly purchased kwikset smartkey. Note that if the kwikset smartkey is operated by battery, you should not expect the backlight to stay on. This may wear the batteries sooner than they should and you will end up spending more money than you should have.

Making the keys light up requires a code but you will have to first press the lock button located on the keypad. If your keypad light has never been on since the kwikset smartkey lock was installed, you will have to open the door, lock the interior lock manually and then finally press the lock button on the keypad. Using the previous instructions will work well after this.

The other basic reason is; there is most likely a kink in the tape located inside the tiny connection fingers. If they do not line up, it may explain why your keypad is not working.

The door alignment can cause malfunction

Kwikset electronic deadbolts from the smart code series should offer you an alternative to the basic key deadbolts. Some of the main features are the programmable lock and unlock codes and single push locks. The best thing about this key lock is that it does not require a professional lto install. It also operates on only 4 AA batteries which are replaceable. The biggest problem is that smart code issues may be cause by poor door alignment or wrong programming procedures which will lead to a dead or malfunctioned keypad.

Here is how you can fix that

The first step

First, remove the batteries out of their units and then depress the program button. Do it three times if the unit failed to operate with its key or it does not operate well after installation. Allow some few seconds or a minute to pass by before you can re-install the batteries back. Ensure you are holding the lock button strongly for a successful reinstall. Keep holding the lock button down until you see some movement in the bolt. As soon as there is movement you can release the button. To indicate there is a successful programming of the bolt operation, you should be able to hear a beep from the unit and see a flash from the LED lights.

The second step

Sometimes, the door may not operate smoothly when you are using its key to open it. this calls for a door realignment. While pressing the lock button on your keypad, enter your security code to ensure the bolt is re-synchronised and the key works well.

The final step

If the smart code and keypad do not initialise after removing and re-installation, take out the battery pack and repeat the process. While pushing the programme button three times, take out the batter pack. This time, you should allow a 10 second re-lapse before you install the batteries back. Replace the batter and wait for the signal from the LED lights. If this does not happen, call a professional for help.


All this information was very helpful, I found out that my battery has been overworking and this is why my keypad was misbehaving. Aside from that, I was able to use this information to fix other issues on my kwikset smartkey. The alignment malfunction was the main cause of the keypad failure. Once I was able to change the batteries and align all programmes back in place, the kwikset was working as good as a new one.