Leveraging the s-biner on the keychain to secure your home

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The S-biner helps you hang your keychain to hooks attached to your house. This helps you avoid the morning rush to find the car keys. The s-biner can hold more than 10keys.

My home is one place where I feel secure and can be myself. I can walk around in giveaway t-shirts and not worry about the neighbors. Our house has over ten rooms and keeping track of all the keys can be challenging. When we moved in, we got ourselves a dog for security. But, taking care of the dog become burdensome – due to my frequent travels – and we had to give him away. A stumbled upon the s-biner keychain after getting frustrated with my husband habit of constantly losing his keys. With the keychain, we could have all our essential keys in one place. We later installed a hook near our main door for placing our s-biner key chains.

Top ideas for securing your home

Burglars are always on the lookout for homes that they can easily get in, steal what they fancy and leave without raising the alarm. The more it takes to break into a home the more risk they expose themselves of being caught by the police. If you are a frequent traveler like me then your house it the ideal target for burglaries. Burglars also prefer isolated homes with poor lighting. Let’s look at some ways you can keep your home secure.

Lock your windows

Burglars know that few people are in their homes during the day and that most people have loose latches on their windows. This offers them an opportunity to sneak in and steal. When you get into a new house ensure that the window has locks. You can also install burglarproof window sensors that alert you in cases of a break in.

Get a security dog

You can have a dog as both a pet or as a security precaution. Well-trained dogs can spot a burglar the moment they step onto your lawn. Vicious barking from a well-drained dog offers enough deterrence to keep robbers away. However, having a dog is great responsibility – you have to feed it, teach it how to poop and get it vaccinated occasionally.


Outdoor lighting

Robbers love the dark because no one will notice them and raise the alarm. If you want to keep them off your property, invest in motion sensors or have energy efficient lamps that you can turn on throughout the night. The lights can be installed on the front and back lawn or on the pathway to your garage. This will make it easy to spot an intruder.

Security Systems

This will largely depend on your budget. Elaborate security systems will have motions sensors, CCTV cameras and back up security guards. Some of the security plans may require you to make monthly payments while some are simple do it at home installations.

The garage door

This is the most common entry point for intruders. Burglars are aware that many homeowners often forget to close their garage doors when they are leaving for work or going on vacation. You can invest in smart garage door openers that automatically close when you exit. These garage door openers require one to enter a secret code whenever they want to enter the space.


Your home should be the place where you relax after a hard day at work. You should always feel secure when at home. To ensure that your peace is not disturbed one needs to invest in security systems to keep burglars at bay. This includes having smart locks, CCTV cameras that are Wi-Fi enabled and changing the locks on all home windows. You should also clear shrubs if you have a large compound as this reduces hiding options for thugs. Having a dog while a good idea should be backed up with a willingness to take care of it.