Make the Keyport slide port 8 a part of your adventure tools

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Planning on taking your kid’s camping and teach them some life-saving skills, then do not forget to carry with you this handy Keyport Slide port 8 keychain that has all the tools you will need for your camping trip.

My name is Greg and a father to two teenage boys. Having grown up without a father figure and I have made it my mission to teach my sons all they need to know about fatherhood. Camping has been our way of bonding as well as to connect with nature. In all our camping trips I always insist on carrying the bare essentials; which means the boys have to leave their laptops and gaming devices at home. They also have to keep off social media during the entire trip. One device that acts as a lifesaver on most of our trips is the Keyport slide 8. You get a knife, flash disk, screwdriver, flashlight, and bottle opener.

Why do you need these tools for your next camping trip?


A flashlight is one of the most crucial tools when on a camping trip. You need it to check for crawling animals in the dark. Before the introduction of LED, flashlights were bulky and required a regular charge to keep going. Long-lasting LED lights like those in the Keyport Slide port 8 consume less power due to their efficient power batteries. They are recommended for everyday carry (EDC) with a brightness of about 12 lumens. A flashlight is a tool you can use for self-defense. By shining the light directly on the attacker’seyes, you temporarily blind them.

Keyport Blade

Keyport Blade

You need a blade/knife for many things while on a camping trip. If you need to eat some fruit or cut a twig just side the Keyport blade and you are sorted. A pocket knife comes in handy in self-defense when you confronted with a threat. Ensure you clean your blade after use and file it regularly. Glenn Klecker has to be responsible for the designs on the knife.

Bottle opener

A camping trip would not be complete without a couple of drinks to keep revelers merry. You will need Keyport slide port 8 bottle opener for this. The opener easily slides from the port.

BLE locator

The reason purchase key chains is so that they do not lose their keys. But, their situations when you lose the key chain organizer instead. Keyport slide port 8 comes with a Bluetooth locator. Install the TrackR mobile app on your phone and a crowdsource GPS locator will reveal the location of your organizer. This comes in handy when you are camping. You can even use the Keyport organizer to locate your phone. The Bluetooth is power efficient,so you do not need to worry about charging it frequently.

The Keyport slide port 8is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it durable enough to withstand falls. The locking mechanism keeps everything on the organizer in place,and it does not loosen over time.

Other accessories that you can add to your organizer include 8 GB USB, flash disk and emergency phone charger. This is the ultimate tool when camping. It packs both functionality and class in a lightweight design that easily fits into your pocket.


The Keyport slide port 8 is a must-have tool when you are thinking of going for an adventure. You have a sharp blade that you can use for cutting fruits and twigs; the flashlight is bright enough and is energy efficient. What really stands out with the key chain is the Bluetooth locator. Losing your Keyport slide 8 can be stressing,andthat is why the manufacturers came up with an app that you can use to track your lost keychain – it even lets you track your phone. You can choose from a variety of Keyport slide keychains depending on your needs.