Mortice lock review-Your ultimate guide to getting a secure deadbolt

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Are you searching for a deadbolt that can give you excellent security at home and on your business store? Choose a Mortice Lock. Our Mortice lock review gives you useful insights regarding this lock.

I had run a business for some time without gaining profit as I expected. After evaluating the possible causes, I realized that the location of my business was one factor that was contributing to the minimal traffic in my store. This led me to start looking for new space to run my business so that I could get more customers. I was lucky to secure a good location within a week, but the security was wanting. Not ready to risk a break-in, so I decided to take extra security measures for my store. I compared different deadbolts and finally settled on Mortice lock. Security is no longer an issue, and my business has started picking.

What are the specifications of the Mortice lock?

Material Chrome and laminated steel
Dimensions 19.4 × 11.4 × 3.4 cm
Keys 2 Keys provided
Steel plates Available
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Mortice lock review

Mortice lock REVIEW

If you have timber doors in your home or business, you should equip the exterior one with a reliable deadbolt for maximum security. Mortice lock is a superior deadbolt that is ideal for home and commercial purposes. It contains a lot of security features that make it hard for an intruder to break through and gain access to your property. The security systems used in this deadbolt should be compelling enough for you to feel safe at home or in the workplace.

Mortice lock review features


This deadbolt is made from laminated steel which is not only strong but also durable. The material prevents your door from forced entry techniques such as hacksaw attacks. Manufacturers also include hardened steel plates on its casing to protect your door from drill attacks. Most users report that this is a solid lock that feels sturdy and is hard to break.


Mortice lock implements a 5-lever mechanism which boosts its security. This system prevents your door from intruders who use lock picking techniques. It does not need any handles but comes with a latch that makes it suitable for standard doors. The lock mechanism provides a long throw that makes it secure. This lock can only fit on a door that has a thickness of at least 44 mm.


If you decide to choose this lock, you should think about hiring a professional to help you install it on your door. A newbie may not install it correctly. A pocket must be cut into your timber door so that you can fit the lock. The mortice lock can back up the rim nightlatch. Your purchase includes some screws and keyhole covers to help with the installation.


  • Mortice lock is strong and durable
  • It has security features that prevent it from attacks
  • It is versatile.


  • The keys feel flimsy and can break easily
  • It is not easy to install


Are Mortice locks secure?

Yes. The body of these locks come with a deadbolt which makes them better than using cylindrical locks. They are not only secure but also convenient because turning the lever releases the deadbolt and latch at the same time.

What does the 5-lever lock mechanism mean?

A lever lock is a type that makes use of a set of levers to prevent your bolt from forced entry attacks. A lock that specifies the number of levers it uses indicates its level of security.

How does a Mortice lock work?

This utilizes the strength of your doorframe to boost security levels. It contains steel plates that prevent your lock from attacks such as drilling. It is also pick resistant and protects your home sawing attacks.

How does a deadlock differ from a sash lock?

A sash lock comes with a bolt, and a latch and it is ideal for backdoors. A deadlock is suitable for the front door, and it contains the bolt only which you can operate with a key.

Can install a Mortice lock alone?

Yes, if you have the basic skills and experience. Use the instructions provided to simplify the process. Alternatively, get a professional to help you with the measurements and fitting.


Using a robust deadbolt that can secure your belongings should never be an option for any homeowner. After my Mortice lock review, I learned that this lock is what I needed for my home and store. Though I had to hire someone to set it up on my door, it has given me excellent security, and I don’t worry about anyone trying to pick my lock when I am not around. It is a heavy-duty lock that uses 5 lever mechanism which prevents forced entry attacks. I also like its design on my timber door and its smooth operation.