Nest x Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze review-Transform your living space into a smart home!

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It takes courage for two competing companies to work together to create a product. Yale works with Nest to fulfill customer’s needs.

Our nest x Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze review reveals more! I am a social person who values friendship more than anything else. My house was always full of guests until some of my items started disappearing. I could not believe that someone I care about could be stealing from me. Since I could not ask any of them directly, I decided to upgrade my security system by purchasing a smart lock. I settled for Nest X Yale lock with nest connect to monitor the activities of my lock. This has made me control who comes and gets out of my house, and things have stopped disappearing. What are the specifications of nest x Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze?

Purpose Residential
Dimensions 6.1 × 11.8 × 5.4 inches
Weight 4.75 pounds
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  Nest x Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze review

  Nest x Yale lock

Smart locks are changing the way we view home security. If you need a lock that will make your home feel safe at all times, you need to consider this lock. The lock is designed for people who tend to obsess about the safety of their homes in their absence. Its manufacturers include all the necessary features to give you top-notch security as well as convenience. If you are keen on designs and have great tastes for items, the oil-rubbed finish is about to blow your mind. Here is more!

Nest x Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze review features

Keyless deadbolt With the digital age, who needs to rely on keys anyway? Stop living in the 20th century and choose this smart lock which provides a keyless operation.

The times when people used to leave keys on the doormat is long gone. Nowadays, we operate our doors using passcodes, and this lock delivers this and much more. Unlike regular deadbolts which are vulnerable due to the use of keys, smart locks like Nest Yale with nest connect contains a backlit keypad which lets you access your home using a code. You can even customize it by setting temporary passcodes when you need to let in a baby sitter in your absence. Remote access The manufacturers also make it easy for you to control your lock remotely. You only need the Nest app for you to lock and unlock your door from a distance. With this app, you never have to go back to confirm if your lock is secure and run late for a meeting.

This lock is equipped with Nest Connect which facilitates remote access. It is a feature that increases convenience for your entire family. You can even connect your smart lock with other devices around the home since Nest X Yale works with other Nest devices such as Nest Secure and security cameras. With such connections, forgetting to switch off systems in the house will be a thing of the past. Installation If you thought that you would need an expert to install this lock, you are mistaken. The manufacturers ensure that you get a step-by-step guide for you to follow as you install the lock on your door. With a screwdriver, you can replace your current deadbolt with this new smart lock within minutes. It fits standard doors with a thickness of 3/8″-2 ¼”.


  • Can lock automatically
  • It is easy to program
  • Has an elegant design and finish


  • Users report that sometimes it loses network connection


What is the difference between this lock and the satin nickel type?

Both locks have the same features and perform similar functions but only differ in their finish. The manufacturers provide smart locks in different finishes to appeal to the taste of different customers.

Is Nest X Yale with Nest Connect secure?

Yes. This lock is secure due to the inclusion of a tamper-proof deadbolt. Since you don’t use keys to open your door, lock picking is not applicable. You can also monitor your door through your phone.

How can I connect this lock to my Nest app?

Download the app and create an account. Scan the code (QR) then add your lock to your new Nest account. You can now generate new passcodes for your lock and share them with family and friends.

Does this lock work with Alexa?

Yes. This is a smart lock which works with different applications including Google Assistant, Alexa, Nest secure and Home Kit. With Alexa, you can talk to your lock and send commands conveniently.


Replace your old deadbolt with a secure smart lock that makes life easier and eliminates all your worries. From my Nest X Yale lock with nest connect oil rubbed bronze review, I found out that this is the lock I had been looking for. It is a tamper-proof smart lock that delivers a keyless operation. Scheduled passcodes, backlit keypad, auto-locking, and one-touch locking are the features that captured my attention.