Nord lock Locking Washer vs The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer

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The Nord lock Wedge Locking Washer vs The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer review will help you find the best washer for your furniture.

I opened up a repair shop for furniture and other small wooden appliances. I did this to pursue my passion, but I have only a little experience in the field. Since I was only starting out, I shared the labour with a partner who was not very skilled either. It was a recipe for disaster. Our first few projects went really well. However, when we took up more complex repairs, customers began streaming back with creaky furniture and worn out bolts.

What are the differences between The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer review vs Nord lock Locking Washer? How do they compare?

Comparison The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer Nord lock Locking Washer
Size Multiple sizes ¼ inch (other options available)
Weight 6.6 ounces 12.8 ounces
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Usage Strong metals, in humid environment Strong metals
Check the price Check the price


Nord lock Locking Washer vs Stainless steel Nylock (lock nut) – A Detailed Comparison


The spring wave washer is perfect for electronic connections in the house hold. It can be used with several other applications as well. They are popular in marine and automotive construction and commercial appliances. The joints in different appliances guarantee form sort of safety due to the hold and friction of the bolt.

Instead of using friction, the Nord-Lock washer is known to secure the screws and bolts with some friction. The layered system will not loosen unintentionally because of the wedge effected created under the nut and bolt.


The Nord lock system is made of a pair of wedges on one side of the washer and radial teeth on the other. The main difference between the two sides is the angle and of the wedges and radial teeth.

The Hillman Group MetricSpring Wave Washer is kind of like the Belleville design wise. The only difference is that the hilitchi spring washer is curved in one direction. When installed, there are few contacts points between the screw head or the nut and the washer. The wave is meant to provide some kind of spring pressure when it is compressed. You can use it as a lock washer but it doesn’t mean it can be as effective.


The Nord lock is zinc plated and made from high quality carbon steel. When you tighten the Nord lock system on a bolt, the teeth grip is supposed to be in contact with the mating surface. When the Nord lock washers are installed and locked in place, the only movement you should see is on the face of the cams.

The Hillman Group MetricSpring Wave Washer is made of high quality stainless steel. By this you can tell that this spring washer can be used in almost any type of weather, since they are corrosion resistant, you can probably re-use them several times.

Nord lock Locking Washer review

nord lock vs spring washer

The Nord lock wedge washer works to secure with tension as opposed to friction. The great thing about this system is that the washers have no reason to loosen unintentionally. They create a wedge effect in between the nut and bolt making it harder to move when you have tightened them.

When you tighten the bolt, the teeth of the Nord lock will grip the mating surfaces tightly. This ensures that everything is locked in place and the movement will only be on the cams.

These wedge-lock washers have radial teeth on one of the sides and cams on the opposite sides. The main differences between the two sides are the angles on the designs. The cam angle is basically larger than the pitch.  Because of this, they tend to expand more when compared to the pitch and create a wedge effect. This will prevent and rotation and the nut and bolts will remain as tight as ever.


  • It provides some sort of reliable locking
  • Very easy to install
  • It has a high resistance to corrosion
  • The locking is not affected in any way by lubricants


  • Expensive

The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer review

The hilman group is known to produce countless washer designs for several years now. This particular pack comes in a specific style but has a variety of sized for different sized assembly. They are 25 pieces in total, all sorted and packed in the same box, they are made of high grade 304 stainless steel. This material makes them durable and perfect corrosion resistant materials.  You can install these in humid environments and they will last you for quite a long time.

You can use this washer on several applications on your home; they are meant to join the bolt/nut to prevent any form of loosening.  How do they work? Basically they provide some spring force when they are assembled, especially in tight spaces.


  • Made of durable and corrosion free material;
  • Perfect for electrical connections
  • Affordable


  • Minimal pieces

The bottom line

Sometimes, washers tend to expand and contact in different humidity, this is why the Nord lock washer is the best in this case. The different patterns on the washer prevent the rotation of the nut and bolts and ensure they remain as tight as ever.


Does the The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer mar plastic surfaces?

This spring washer set is made from great material that will not mar any tender surfaces. You can install in on plastic arms and is perfect for nuts and bolts.

What is the material of the The Hillman Group Metric Spring Wave Washer?

It is made in stainless steel material that has a very good corrosion resistance. You can use it for quite a long time without worrying about rust and breakage.

Can I use any form of lubricant with the nord lock washer?

When used correctly, the Nord lock will prevent your bolds and screws from growing lose.  Any form or lubrication will not affect the locking done by the Nord lock.

What tightening torque should I use with Nord-Lock washers?

It will highly depend on the grade and size of the bolt and whether or not you will use any form of lubricant.


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